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Many internet users have a tendency to assume that SEO and SEM are one and the same; while the fact is that they aren't the same thing! Yes, indeed they are closely related to each other. As explained by a firm offering service of SEM or search engine marketing in Philadelphia - SEO is a subset of SEM. This firm offers services of search engine optimization in Philadelphia (or SEO in Philadelphia for short) along with an all-expansive SEM services.


SEO: SEO is the process of making relevant changes to the HTML code of as well as the content of your website, thus making it more specific in terms of the niche of your products or services and key phrases. SEO would include tasks like altering the descriptions, title tags, anchor tags, Meta tags, alt descriptions, comment tags and the body of a page to make it more keyword centric.

SEM: SEM involves integrating a variety of methods to ensure the success in the over all online presence of a business/individual service provider. The methods employed in SEM includes research of the business, customer analysis, link exchanges, competitor analysis, PPC and many more methods that increases the quality traffic to a website.

Three successful techniques of SEM

Link building: This is by far, one of the most effective techniques employed in search engine marketing. One of the main factors that determine the rank of a website in search engine is the other websites to which it is linked to. Linking yourself with a reputed and well-established website is beneficial to your business big time! However, usage of black hat techniques for link building can have detrimental consequences in the long run. Recently, Google decreased the ranks of websites that were involved (directly or indirectly) in the selling of backlinks without any prior notice.

PPC or Pay per click: This comes very close to link building in terms of being an effective means of marketing your business online. Here, you pay people to visit your website. This may cost you a bit but it'll market your website quicker and if statistics are to be believed, has great ROI.

Search engine optimization: This involves the usage of methods to get higher ranks in search engines. The methods used include keyword based article writing, altering HTML codes, title, anchor and alt descriptions etc to make it more keyword rich.

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