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Dynasty Resources is your Gateway to business in China. We provide a full range of business services that help you enter the most exciting market on earth. Dynasty works with you every step of the way, facilitating entrance to a nation whose culture, legal system and mindset differ from that of the West.

The China Forum is an educational and informational program with the purpose of aiming to help Americans better understand China and does not advocate any specific policies towards China. Dynasty Resources, Inc. sponsors the US-China Business Forum, where American executives learn about the Chinese business mindset and stay current on fast-paced changes that are opening opportunities for American companies.

The China Business Forum, Inc. (the Forum) was established by the US-China Business Council (USCBC) to promote broad-based policy discussion and greater understanding in both China and the United States of the economic systems and business methods of each country and of the role of commerce in the overall relationship between the United States and China.

China, China business forum an economic juggernaut with a population of more than 1.3 billion, is on everyone's radar screen. Business opportunities abound. But if you think it's easy to succeed in a country whose culture is unlike that of the West, think again. If you are interested in participating as a guest speaker, please notify us of your credentials. For Forum updates, please send an email with the subject head "Forum." We will add you to our mailing list. Please visit online http://www.dynastyresources.net in NewYork city.


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