When Should I Clean My Windows Vista Registry?

by Jason Z Bell - Date: 2008-05-15 - Word Count: 559 Share This!

The Microsoft Vista registry needs to be kept in top condition if you want your computer to run at 100% efficiency. Having a dirty and error ridden registry is the equivalent to having a broken and/or outdated computer. Why? Simply because nothing will work or because everything will be really, really slow. Having said that, the best thing that you can do is to get more active when it comes to your PC's registry health. If you don't, well, your computer won't remain reliable for too long.

When it comes to registry repair, one of the biggest questions is "how often should I clean my Window's Vista registry?" Generally speaking, at least once per week. However, there really is no "perfect" schedule for registry cleaning.

How often a person cleans his/her PC registry should be directly proportionate to how often the computer is used. For instance, if you only use the computer once per week, running a registry scan every week wouldn't have much of an impact. But then again, if you were to use the computer every day for a month, and each day the computer was used for 6+ hours, then the frequency of scans would have to be increased to keep up with the accumulating errors.

Truth be told, you don't really need a registry cleaner if your are 100% careful with all of your computer activity. Please note that you need to be 100% CAREFUL -- not 80%, not 90%, not even 99%, 100% or nothing. Why 100% careful? Because any and every command you give to the computer is capable of creating a registry error. The more commands given, the more errors there will likely be -- the more errors the registry accumulates, the more often you'll need to run the vista registry cleaner.

If you only do a very few select things on your computer and NEVER EVER install or uninstall software, games, applications, etc. then you might actually get by without registry repair software. However, the chances of you not making a mistake and causing an error to occur are very remote -- and all it really takes is 1 inconveniently located error to send your system into a downward spiral of sluggishness and random crashing.

Admittedly, it might not happen all at once -- As a matter of fact, it could take a few weeks to a few months for you to notice the changes. But know this, it will happen if nothing is done to stop it. Those one or two weekly errors will continue to build and build until there are hundreds, all of which will be working together in order to turn your PC into a great big pile of junk.

For Safe & Effective Registry Repair, Use The Tips Below

1) Always properly uninstall programs, games, software, etc.

2) Run virus and spyware scans to get rid of any malicious software that may be placing harmful keys & entries into your registry.

3) Never try to manually fix your registry. Doing so could result in complete system instability.

4) Always back up your registry before you run a scan with your preferred registry cleaner. Most registry repair software comes equipped with a fast "back-up" feature.

5) Be sure that the registry cleaner you use is capable of cleaning your Microsoft Vista registry. Certain registry cleaners are built for certain operating systems and will likely do you more harm than good if used.

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