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As our lifespan increases and so does our desire to remain active at the same time it is quite normal to expect people to want to look you as well. As the skin is so important a great deal of effort goes into the preparation of products including those that increase the production of collagen which is the primary protein in connective skin. Most anti aging products (collagen included) fall into the category of anti oxidants which are the body's method of slowing down the aging process.

Although the benefits of vitamin C (an anti oxidant) are well documented, it is still debated as to what our daily quota should be. Unfortunately all anti aging skin care products that use vitamin C have the problem of atmospheric oxidation to contend with once the product touches the air.

More stable products are now available that are almost as efficient and actually cost less to manufacture. These alternative products are not as effective as vitamin C but vitamin E and lipoic acid are anti oxidants as well and are now being used as well.

Found in human blood, vitamin E is not only an antioxidant but designed to increase the immune system and can help ward off cancer. The other anti oxidant, lipoic acid is in every cell of our body and is used to generate energy for us to live but also helps reduce and reverse the skins aging process.

Phytochemicals aren't produced by the body but are extracted from a number of plants and used in many anti aging products to combat the signs of aging. Phytochemicals prevent occurrence of cancer of certain types; these include prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

For some time now it has also been known that the vitamins B5, B6 and B12 also have anti aging skin care properties. Anti aging is a huge scientific field to research and has far greater potential than juts producing products that reduce the visible signs of age.

I time new discoveries will be made advancing our understanding of the aging process and products that can reduce or reverse the effects more effectively. The amount of research going on in this field will undoubtedly bring results n time and hopefully bring down the cost of these anti aging products in addition to increasing their reliability.

At the moment though science is still behind the field of natural anti aging methods and it might take some time to replace them. The natural methods are there but few actually follow them like eating healthily with plenty of exercise and water plus restful and regular sleep; how many can you say yes to?

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