How To Identify Genuine Ray Ban Sunglasses

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There is hardly any person who has not come across the word "Ray Ban". Established in the year 1937, Ray Ban is the manufacturer of high end sunglasses. This company was founded by Bausch and Lomb and first introduced this product to US army air corps.

Being made of carbon fiber, these frames are not only light weighted but also highly durable. The water cut carbon sheet used in the manufacturing of Ray Ban sunglasses has seven different layers of carbon fibers in it mixed with resin. This material makes these glasses light, strong, flexible, highly resistant and comfortable to wearer.

Another unique of Ray ban sunglass is that since they are produced with monoblock hinge, it is not welded in the front and this makes the frame strong and hence it is less likely to break when opened or closed.

Ray-Ban also produces frames made of titanium and memo-ray as well. These frames are corrosion resistant and withstand all climatic conditions. Hence they are suitable for all kinds of environments. Memo ray on the other hand are made of composite containing nickel and titanium which owes to the resistant and flexible nature of its frames.

The growing popularity and demand for Ray Ban glasses across the globe has prompted few scammers to come up with imitation products. In such a situation identifying genuine Ray Ban sunglass is crucial. The below mentioned tips can help you in identifying genuine Ray-Ban glasses:

Do not purchase blindly: Always try to purchase Rayban sunglasses from authorized dealers.

Before buying any sunglass, ensure that you familiarize with its features.

Look for the logo. Ray Ban sunglasses have approved official logo that helps people in differentiating it from other fake imitations.

Price is another important aspect that needs to be considered. Usually genuine sunglasses cost slightly higher in comparison to fake ones. So if someone is assuring you of a branded Ray Ban sunglass at relatively low price, suspect his intentions.

Now the most common question which people keep asking is why should I buy Ray Ban sunglasses? Sunglasses should always be of superior quality and this assurance is given by Ray ban brand. Besides offering superior quality of products, a pair of Ray Ban sunglass would help you to keep pace with changing trends and styles.

Ray Ban is one of the most popular and best selling brands in the world. Apart from its designer eyewear, Ray Ban has also launched celebrity sunglasses targeting the high end customers. In fact several renowned celebrities have been identified wearing these glasses. These glasses not only protect your eyes from harmful sunrays but also help you create your own style statement.

Ray Ban sunglasses are made for people who seek attention and look to stand out from the crowd. So, if you have decided to buy your own pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, you can order one from one of your nearest branded stores or purchase one online.

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