Embracing or Hindering Life….?

by Lisa Thomas - Date: 2007-09-11 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

I was sitting in my office today looking at a white sheet of paper. I couldn't seem to find the words to convey to you, so I just sat there staring. The white sheets seemed dark and lonely. What could I place on this lonely page to make it come alive? I mean no answers came, no overwhelming thoughts rushed to the forefront of my mind, nor did inspiration overtake me. I was stuck in the moment. Have you ever had days like that? You're stuck and you're stumped with no answers, no motivation or action to take. Most of us have experienced that a time or two in our lives haven't we? What do you do when that happens?

Funny, the words come to me as I allowed my heart to speak through me. I placed the pen to paper and let the words flow easily and freely. Without worry or concern about doing it right or saying the right thing, the words came. As they began to flow, something magical happened. My inspiration was bubbling up, my motivation was beginning to emerge and the message I wanted to deliver was very clear.

It was that moment I "tried" to write something earth shattering that I couldn't. And it was when I just gave in to my heart that words came. The magnificent art of allowing my heart to sing opened me up to write a wonderful message that will touch someone's life.

How often do we stop allowing ourselves to be free? We "try" too hard or we attempt to make things happen. However life is a free flowing experience. Grass never strains to grow nor does the water in the seas therefore nor should life. It is a free flowing experience if we "allow" it be.

Are you embracing and allowing life to emerge or hindering life from blossoming? Give yourself the gift of embracing life and allowing your heart to sing.

YES, "allow" your heart to sing!

A few steps:

1. Let your heart sing.
2. Let your mind be free
3. Allow your thoughts to roam
4. Give into the moment
5. Write it all down and let it be without judgment

You might be blown away by the beautiful message that emerges from you and the amazing level of peace of experience after you've done so.

The power lives within you and it's always been there, you just have to let it come through you!

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As founder and president of The Power, Passion & Purpose Group, Lisa Thomas brings over twenty years experience in business, relationship and individual life coaching. Her vision is every woman lives a life of power, passion and dreams come true. To read more writings like this one. Visit the P3 Power Boost Magazine for Women at http://www.TheP3Group.com ! Your Article Search Directory : Find in Articles

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