I'd Be Happy Too If I Were Rich!

by Michael A. Verdicchio - Date: 2008-09-22 - Word Count: 607 Share This!

A lot of people really think that the reason "rich people" are so happy and positive is because they are rich and successful. Therefore, it's easy for them to be that way. But is that really true?

In so many of the motivational books and courses, you will hear and read over and over, that the way to change your life and your circumstances is by changing your thinking. The thoughts we think produce our core beliefs, which determines what our lives will be. Perhaps the Bible says it most succinctly, "As he thinks in his heart, so is he!"

But many people think that once they become successful they will be happy and positive and think thoughts of success. Then, they will be really happy. Then, everything will be just fine. In other words, they think that the reason successful people are happy and positive is because they are successful.

But just the opposite is true. We really are all a product of our own thoughts. Now I know for some that seems like a paradox. There are others who dismiss thinking thoughts of what you want in life and where you desire to be as foolish mind games. They say things like, "You're just kidding yourself; that's not reality; it's not true; you're just lying to yourself."

Have you ever sat down and talked with someone who is very successful? I have, on a number of occasions. In talking to them it is obvious that they chose to think a certain way before they became successful. They first addressed their thoughts. That was the first step.

Here's a good question: Are you lying to yourself when you plan a vacation? Have you ever looked at travel brochures? Have you ever kept a brochure handy, maybe on your desk that shows the destination you are planning on going to?

Have you ever gotten excited and pictured yourself at your vacation spot? Have you ever made a reservation? Have you ever told anyone about it? So, was all of that just foolish mind games?

Planning your success is a lot like planning a vacation. First, you get clear and specific with where you want go, right? Next, you decide on a date. Then, you start making plans; you put some money aside; you submit your vacation request at work. In other words, you take action on those plans.

And, if you were indeed planning to go on vacation to Hawaii, you would never, ever say, "Oh, I'll never go to Hawaii." On the contrary, you would be saying, "I am going to Hawaii." You would probably be saying that a lot! I know I did, months before I ever went to Hawaii.

Why not do the same thing with your goals and the desires of your heart? God has promised to give you the desires of your heart. So, why not ask Him?

When we consistently go to Him in prayer, making known our requests to Him, that's not foolish mind games, is it? Of course it's not! He is the One who instructs us to pray to Him and He is the One who promised to answer our prayers!

So, when we are thinking and seeing answers to our prayers, and even speaking of them as though they were already answered, is that foolish mind games, or, is it trusting and having confidence in Him?

Get clear on what it is you desire in your life. Pray about it consistently. And then, refuse to think or talk contrary to that desire. See it in your mind coming to pass. Then, continue to take action.

It really is true; you change your life and your circumstances by changing your thinking.

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