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Christopher Columbus discovered this place in 1492. In 1496 his brother Bartolomeo founded a city here, which he called San Felipe de Puerto Plata. After a period of rapid development the city’s star has gone down as there were another lands of the New World discovered. The city was all stuck in smuggling while its citizens were collaborating with English and French pirates. To put an end to this predatory business, the king of Spain gave orders to destroy Puerto Plata. In 1742 the city was restored by colonists and immigrants who came from the Canary Islands, and in a short time, it became a prosperous place again. Those were the times when the most beautiful of local buildings were created. Nowadays the city is famous for its romantic old-style atmosphere, stressed with Victorian style buildings. The latter are adorned with elegant wood and metal engravings as well as “spice-cake” motives which are so characteristic for the most part of the manors and public buildings.

Puerto Plata is sometimes called “The bride of the Atlantics” – wonderful wooden colonial style houses and tropical flowers add an unusual medieval Spanish colouring to the city and local people are really amicable and hospitable.

Every person coming to Puerto Plata is advised to visit main local attractions: Zona Colonial with San Felipe Fortress located in it, Malecon – a long street along the beach and, of course, the magnificent Isabel de Torres mountain with unique colourful plants that are only typical for this height. The peak of the mountain can be reached by a famous rope-way.

Thanks to its magnificent white-sand beaches, in the end of 1990-s Puerto Plata has become one of the country’s main tourist destinations. It is also an excellent place for your shopping and entertainment.

Playa Dorada is a luxurious resort complex 4 kilometres from the city, which consists of 13 hotels. Here internationally acknowledged hotels will offer you the whole range of tourist services. Those who are fond of golf will find splendid golf courts, and if you prefer horse riding, you can enjoy an unforgettable riding stroll along the Atlantic coast. There are also lots of restaurants, cosy bars and discos located on the territory of the complex.

The other name for the northern coast – Costámbar - means “amber coast”. It appeared thanks to a great amount of black amber found here. Damp tropical climate subdued by winds blowing from the Atlantic ocean, admirable beaches, seawater scintillating with all shades of turquoise, numerous lagoons, bays and rich flora – all these are parts of the extraordinary beauty of the northern coast.

Puerto Plata is not only the name of the city, but is also a Dominican province and real gates into many coastal resorts and towns. To strike up better acquaintance with traditional atmosphere you should undertake an excursion to its other cities – Santo Domingo (the capital of the Dominican Republic) or Santiago de los Caballeros.

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