Poor Credit Auto Loans: Easy Loans for People With Poor Credit Score

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These loans are designed for the people with bad credits. If anyone is suffering from poor credit score and need a car loan, it becomes tough job to find a suitable loan. These loans are designed for these people and buying car is easy with these loans.

Auto loans bad credit is available in the market in two forms. Unsecured option does not need any collateral against the loan amount but secured option is just the opposite. The borrowers have to place assets as the security against the loan amount.

The loan amount of these loans depends on the price and condition of the car. Used cars are cheap and the new cars are expensive, so the loan amount is bigger for the new cars.

The rate of interest for these loans depends on the down payment and the form of loan. If the down payment amount is big the interest rate is low. For secured option the interest rate is 6%-11% and for unsecured option the rate varies from 14% to 18%.

The loan term of secured loans is longer and unsecured option is shorter. The loan term of auto loans bad credit varies from 48 weeks to 60 weeks. This is the average loan term; it may change a little bit from lender to lender.

These loans are offered to the people whose credit ratings are less than 600 or 650. If the borrower wants to lower the interest rate, a co-signer with good credit rating can help the borrower to do that. These loans are approved on the basis of the repaying ability of the applicant.

These loans are offered by the traditional lenders like banks and financial institutions. But online lenders approve the poor credit auto loans faster than the traditional lenders. The borrower can easily compare the loan rates online and opt for the cheaper deal. Online calculators can help with the calculations of the loan term and the interest rates.

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