Playstation 3 Review-A Short Guide

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Playing around the periphery it seems the United States has something to do with the number 11, let it be the biggest calamity of 9/11 or the retailers' D-Day 11/11, the latter being when the PlayStation 3 from Sony exposed itself in the broad daylight last year. The news was around and a few thousand PlayStation freaks ordered and registered themselves in advance for making the most out of the top features the game console promised to offer, let alone its unique design and style besides the accessories, exclusive games, and a number of enhanced internet and networking features that no one else could dream about. The toughest competitor of the Nintendo Wii, the battle is on regarding the respective claims for introducing the best features and benefits. Here is the detailed Playstation 3 Review for consideration.

The Lineage and LineamentsSo where does the PlayStation 3 differ from its lineage of its predecessors? Many would have been the single word answer; however, today's world needs details rather than adumbrations. Let's review the core features:

Play games, music and videos.

PSP System compatibility.

View photos.

Allows connecting with other players through wireless Internet connection and PlayStation Network Account.

Allows voice and video chat sessions and instant messaging. ProsGreat portability.

Tutorial on moves and sequences available through the wireless controller. An efficient and simple design games. A controller that's comfortable to use and adapts to natural movements. Internet browsing is supported. The storage devices are made to handle small as well as large downloads. Compatible with almost every video and file format. PC compatible. Cons: Though rated as one of the most highly desired items of the year 2006, the price doubled almost immediately after the release. Conclusion to Our Playstation 3 Review :

Many reviewers have pointed out that PS3 is a very high Priced Luxury Gaming Device. Many are impressed regarding the features packed in it. What we can say is that this is the future of Gaming. Though high Priced, it's bound to change the way entertainment world used to be. Packed with the features that no other gaming device have, they surely are a must have if you have that budget to spare.

Inside Stories: Strategy and SuccessSony marketed the PlayStation 3 to different markets all in the same time, which proved the strategy a successful one. The first one was the launch accompanied by a pre-ordering option. It allowed for a quick takeover of the competitive market, fuelled further by the anticipation of a few millions of Sony PS fans. Moreover, steps like promotional activities (contests and giveaways) in the local and national level strengthened further their bonds with the strategic business partners and brought forth immense customer-driven sales in an already hungry market, bagging almost immediately the largest share of the game console market. So, what's your strategy now towards procuring one?

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