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Almost everyone at one point in their lives has had to deal with acne and probably found themselves looking for the best acne treatments. The most problematic time for acne to show up is during teenage years. This is during a point in someone's life when looks may matter most and how your peers view you and what they think of you is of upmost importance. Teens are most often the ones looking for the best acne treatments. The main reason, as it is for everyone else also, is the effect acne has and how it can make anyone depressed and ruin a person's self-esteem.

Acne is caused when excessive secretion of oils along with the plugging of the pores with naturally occurring dead skin cells then block hair follicles. Oil secretions then build up beneath the blocked pore, providing a perfect environment for skin bacteria to multiply. In response to the bacteria the skin produces the lesions commonly known as acne.

Now, since so many people live with the problem of acne there are many, many acne treatments available to buy. With so many commercial anti-acne medications to choose from, how do you know which medications are the best acne treatments? Different skin types react differently to some of the best acne treatments so it can be based on an individual basis. Whichever best acne treatments work best for you may not work so well for the next guy. While you should consult a dermatologist (if you have the time and money) listed below for you are some of the best acne treatments available. These best acne treatments work on the causes of acne such as the dead skin cells, the bacteria beneath them, or the oil the bacteria grows in

Best Acne Treatments - One of the best acne treatments are antibiotics. During an outbreak of acne they help control the infectious bacteria. An antibiotic that is considered one of the best acne treatments is Erythromycin. It is a widely used topical antibiotic. There is a drawback to antibiotics though. Continued use of antibiotics though results in the development of drug-resistant bacteria. Individual sensitivity to antibiotics should also be tested prior to use.

Best Acne Treatments - Accutane is one of the best acne treatments. Accutane reduces the oils produced by the cells that can lead to acne by as much as 80%. Accutane has major side effects though and based on how you react may not be one of the best acne treatments for you. While Accutane does prevent the cells production of oils it also effects all of the cells in your body which can lead to vaginal, eye, and mouth bleeding. It can also cause birth defects and damage to the liver. With a product like Accutane you would want to consult your dermatologist first.

Best Acne Treatments - Taking precautions with the food you eat, exposure to the sun, stress, hygiene, and exercise are all factors that attribute to acne. These are all some of the best acne treatments because they are free and easily controlled

Best Acne Treatments - A topical medication known as Retin A is considered one of the best acne treatments available. Retin A is effective as one of the best acne treatments but it does cause skin irritation, redness, itching, and flaking.

Best Acne Treatments - There are several oatmeal and charcoal masks that are some of the best acne treatments because they reduce the oil content of the skin. They major drawback to these masks is that they tend to over dry the skin.

Best Acne Treatments - Aspirin is one of the best acne treatments. Many people aren't aware of this simple fact but Salicylic Acid (aspirin) is a very effective natural acne treatment. When used topically as a 1-2% solution, it promotes exfoliation of the epidermal layer of the skin, and minimizes plugging of follicles.

These are just a few of today's best acne treatments.

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