The Apple iPhone Supports Web 2.0

by Kelvin Ho - Date: 2007-06-25 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

The Apple iPhone is not just a music player which also acts as a cellular phone; it is also fully loaded to support Third Party Web 2.0 applications.

What is Web 2.0 applications?
Web 2.0 applications allows users to experience greater interactivty and more importantly, it empowers product owners and merchants, the ability to carry out secure data access and transactions online. This is similar to the stock purchases and bank funds transfers which many of us are familiar with and it is also used for online purchases from sites like Amazon.

This breakthrough in technology allows the iPhone to be on the fore front in the digital age. Imagine this, you have just used the iPhone's built-in 2 megapixel camera to take photos of your family vacation. You uploaded the pictures onto a web-based photo sharing website like Flickr and you send a text or email broadcast to your friends. They would then visit your site and leave live interactive comments, similar to services found on Twitter. In addition, you could even add links to real-time print-on-demand photography services, and your friends can request for these photos to be printed and sent to them the next day.

The real breakthrough comes when you found out that you are able to pay for your purchases with iPhone. Imagine being able to travel without your wallet while making payment at a parking meter, buying cinema tickets and paying for a meal with just a single touch of a payment button on your iPhone.

Other exciting innovations
With the iPhone's technology architecture, it also means that developers can create innovative applications for the device. For example you could very well operate the functions of your home with your trustworthy iPhone. Imagine being able to turn your sprinklers and your sprinklers on and off, turn on the air conditioning of your room before you return home and being to record your favorite movies on television with just an instruction sent to your home automation network through your phone. Of course, when you are away on vacation, your iPhone will provide real-time video access to your home's security system, giving you the ability to see that your home is safe and sound, even when you might be hundreds of miles away.

While the iPhone will initially be available only in the USA on June 29 2007, it will also be available in Europe by the end of 2007 and in Asia the following year. The iPhone marks Apple's first entry into the cellphone market and judging by the responses seen so far, it certainly looks set to make a big splash.

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