How Is Your Debt Problem Get Started?

by Cornie Herring - Date: 2007-07-24 - Word Count: 632 Share This!

Excessive debt can be very stressful and weigh heavily on your mind. It not just creates tension to you but it will affect your family's quality of life. Ignoring phone calls and letters from collection agencies won't help to get your debt issue resolve. The only way to get out of your debt problem is to face it and find a debt solution to tackle the issue and relief yourself from this horrible debt trap. The reality is your debt that piled up to mountain high is not going to disappear overnight. There are ways to effectively manage your debt repayment but it requires a lot of patience and commitment. Get to know the potential root cause of debt problem will help you to avoid it and more prepare to face it if it's happen to you.

Debt won't create any trouble if it is within your control but it will becomes problematic with it begins to control you. Your debt will begin to take control of you when you fail to make your payments on time. And when you continue to ignore it, it's power grow every day by adding interest into your debt and the more power it has, the more stressful you will feel it.

First thing, ask yourself why you are in this bad situation. There are many reasons that may cause you to trap in this financial crisis. Among the common reasons:

1. Poor Money Management

You spend your money without tracking where your money goes and you spend more that what you earn; When the bills come, you pay only the minimum amount due on your line credit and when you have not enough money to meet the minimum due amount, you borrow more money by applying more personal loans and you continue to pay minimum for all you loans. In additional to this, interests are added more and more into your existing balances. This is how your debt is rolling to a big debt ball. Poor money management is usually is the key factor that cause the excess debt problem.

2. Unexpected Life Events

Unexpected life events can drag you into debt trap in short period of time. The sudden death of spouse who is the key living earner for the family, housewife that get divorce or separation, unforeseen medical bills due to critical illness or being laid off from you job are among the potential life events that can gives you a surprise. If you do not have emergency fund to prepare for any unforeseen life events, you will charge everything that need money to your credit cards and borrow more loans to cover for any shortages. If your financial situation is not recover fast enough to repay your loans and credit cards debts, your debt nightmare will get started with harassing creditors phone calls, red envelope letters from collection agencies and follow by others more dramatic actions from collection agencies.

3. Compulsive behavior

Gambling, drugs and alcohol addictions may cause you to spend more money that you have and lose the control of your money totally. It will be difficult to make any headway on reducing excessive debt if the addictive behavior is not addressed with the help of a professional.


Excessive debt issue can happen to anyone who is not ready to handle it. Get to know how's potential root causes of debt problems will help you to avoid it with your best of efforts and when it happen to you, face it bravely at early stage so that you have better chances to solve it fast.

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