Causes and Symptoms of Rosacea

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The most important symptom of the condition is known to be the facial redness caused by the dilated blood vessels located right below the skin. Rosacea is very assembling to the acne but differs by the absence of white or blackheads. One in 20 people are believed to suffer from Rosacea, the first signs such as flushing of the nose and cheeks must be taken seriously. Each of the body's systems contributes in some manner to the development of the disease.

A main detected cause of flushing in Rosacea is the variation of the body's temperature; facial redness is more likely to appear around 7 and 8 PM when the organism experiences the highest day temperature, while the lowest level is usually reached around 3 or 4 AM.

The main stimuli for the sympathetic nervous system are stress and tiredness and the body of a Rosacea sufferer reacts by flushing due to the dilatation of the facial skin vessels. The rest of the body's blood vessels undergo constriction in these cases. The nervous sympathetic system is also stimulated by the lack of sleep or insufficient sleeping hours; the every night sleep period should not go below 8 hours. Nerves are as well excited by feelings of fear and anxiety.

The sympathetic system of nerves is stimulated by increased internal temperature and weakened by low temperatures when the parasympathetic nervous system begins to react to normalize the organic functions. The sympathetic system of the body is especially important in Rosacea if [patients have a history of damages to the blood vessels caused by sun exposure or inherited, a high number of blood vessels or a low efficient support system.

Rosacea symptoms are triggered also by an increased blood flow in the digestive system caused by heavy meals or due to the administration of carbohydrates and sugar in high amounts. In order to impede this kind of reactions, patients with Rosacea must take three main meals per day with the most important one in the morning and eventual snacks between them during the day. Every particular kind of food has a different effect on the digestive blood vessels.

Foods with a high content of carbohydrates get into the bloodstream very rapid and cause hyperglycemia. Sugars, donuts and alcohol are important vasodilators and can easily cause facial flushing. As we cannot avoid carbohydrates because of their main role in proving energy, patients must try to substitute simple carbohydrates with apples, corn, baked potatoes or beans.

The intake of different amounts of fibers at every meal tends to prolong digestion and prevent the sudden dilatation of the blood vessels. A quick influx into the bloodstream is stopped.

All patients with incipient symptoms of Rosacea like facial redness should immediately consider the advices given and modify their eating and acting habits in order to control the condition and prevent complications.

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