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Flirting is an art form. A lot of practice along with skill is required to execute the subtle gesture of interest with perfect timing. Women are known to have a mastermind in flirting. It's the men who have to take care of every gesture, stance, move and every word thrown by the lady. Attentiveness is the key to a successful flirting. Flirting is a form of human interface usually expressing a romantic concern in the other person. It includes conversation, body language and in some cases a bit of physical contact. Eye contact is the first step and blatantly a major contact in flirting. There are few kinds of eye contacts and you need to be apt with them. For example, some apposite kinds are "across the room" eye contact, the "in passing" eye contact and most significantly the "conversational" eye contact. Eye contact to an extent confirms if the person you are dating has an interest on you. If you find him ogling you when you look at him then it's a pretty good sign. But even if he doesn't throw glances, it doesn't imply that he is not interested. This entire sequence of eyeing your partner completely depends on the ambiance. All these are more effective in a restaurant, club or any amusement park and it is more noteworthy if happens repeatedly.

Ladies are much more witty and smart in flirting. Very less women makes a direct approach to men. They prefer giving inkling to men and wait for them to shoot back. Compliment is a significant factor in flirting. You can always drive your date wild by adding some sparkle like complimenting any of his apparel especially his tie secretly in a whispering tone. Always be very courteous while interacting with the person approaching you or trying to flirt with you. Even if you are not very impressed with his presentation, don't let your rage go off the air. Have a hold on yourself especially your expression. You have to bear in mind that there are countless males watching you and your one mischief could haul them back from approaching you further. Among them there could be someone whom you would love to date. So, its better if you tackle such creepy situations by being a bit prudent, like, you can just let go that man by telling him, "it was so nice of you to approach what's your name? I might have a girlfriend who would love to meet you..... ." by saying this you can just avoid any further conversation and if that man is intelligent enough he will know what to do. Want to spice up your evening by being in the limelight? Garb yourself modishly and become the darling of masses. Show some portion of your legs, put on high heels and most significantly wear a lipstick with a reddish tint thereby making yourself look beguiling and walk into the ball room elegantly with a chic.

You can arrest the attention of the guy by looking over your shoulder. An asymmetrical posture is always an evocative signal that you are interested. Give him a look of approval and then flash him your most winning smile. Hair is a very powerful attribute and also a source of confidence for any lady. Ladies take care of their hair more than anything else. You will frequently find a lady getting outrageously devastated if she meets with a bad hair cut. They tap into its power at the key moments, subconsciously unleashing its seductive potential. If any lady is throwing her hair around like a shampoo commercial then you have a heady flirt in your midst.

People tend to get attracted to good lookers more often than not, whatever their age may be. Attractive people appear to be more confident than plain and simple ones since they get a fairly better treatment in life. A survey has evidently shown that more than good looks, personality makes a person more appealing and center of attraction. A peculiar mixture of charm and personality makes a person explicitly captivating. Someone with this trait magnetize the crowd with their oomph and gusto and not with their wide eyes or broad chin. Check your body language while interacting with others. It speaks volumes, more than words could deliver. The way you carry yourself, the way you move, the mannerisms that are rooted in you and the way your speak, all this exposes a glimpse of your temperament.The following signs put forth by a lady confirm the fact that she is interested on you. She will swing or roll her hip while walking past a man or dancing, she will play with her hair or bracelet or earring, toss her hair over her shoulder and also try to show off a little skin by letting a sleeve hang down. All these signify that the female is fairly interested in you. Men too throw certain signals to let his lady know about his interest on her. While interacting, if you notice that he is fiddling with a tie or playing with his buttons, collars and sleeves, if he smoothes his hair, sticks his finger in his belt or rubs his earlobe, it implies that the male has a curiosity to know you.

When it comes to letting someone know that you are interested, flirting is the way to go. But without a proper guideline, it is very hard to know which flirting techniques work and which fall flat. Explore these well focused ideas and advises which is worth tossing. Flirting is fun, it's hale and hearty and it is the greatest dexterity you will ever get to learn. It is a form of communication that shows appreciation, attraction and attention. Don't ever think about what turn it might take, flirting is an enjoyment and so do it with a positive attitude out there for someone to enjoy. If correctly achieved, flirting is healthy, pleasant and revitalizing for both the people concerned.

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Anna Jones writes on Love and Relationships.She also writes on Wedding and Anniversary Ideas. She is an
active blogger and can be found at Bliss Weddings Blog

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Anna Jones writes on Love and Relationships.She also writes on Wedding and Anniversary Ideas. She is an active blogger and can be found at Bliss Weddings Blog

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