Where Is It Written That Plus Size Women Have To Wear Unflattering, Boring Swimwear ?

by Jennifer Wild - Date: 2007-06-28 - Word Count: 467 Share This!

Any idea why so many plus size women don't like to shop for plus size swimwear? It's because they don't know what to look for, which style fits their figure best. Again they pick the same unflattering style when they purchase a new plus size bathing suit or just don't shop at all and wear that same suit from last year. But why don't you treat yourself on a new style, take a risk and try something new, something exciting? It's time to explore some new styles in plus size swimsuits! Let's start today by reviewing the most common figure complaints and find the best suitable bathing suit to camouflage these 'problems'. Let's find you some good looking plus size swimwear.

Complaint 1: Wide Hips and Big Thighs

Probably the most common figure problem, but very easy to camouflage by choosing the right suit. Look for one or two piece plus size bathing suits with high cut bottoms. This will visually extend the length of your legs. If you are not comfortable with this much exposure, try a swim skirt. Also sarongs are considered fashion these days, so why not use one to cover the area. Make sure you don't wear boy cut shorts. They will make your hips and thighs appear even larger and wider.

Complaint 2: Small Bust

Find a suit that has foam padding and underwire uplift. Bright colours around the neck can help hide a less than ample bust.

Complaint 3: Full Bosomed

Do you qualify in the category 'Busty Women', don't worry, it can look great. As long as you make sure they are not falling out of your suit. Look for plus size swimwear with built-in underwire bras. Another option is swim suits with wide halter tops; they give extra support. Forget about a string bikini if you don't want to get to much attention.

Complaint 4: Short Torso

Bathing suits with deep v-necks can make the body look longer. Board shorts that sit low on the hips can add length as well. Stay away from high cut bottoms as they make your body appear even shorter.

Complaint 5: Long Torso

Try a one-piece suit with high cut legs. Otherwise, try a tankini: it exposes a little bit of the midriff and will break up the long vertical lines of your body.
Complaint 6: Tummy Bulge

Everybody knows this figure problem. One piece bathing suits with shirring mask a full belly. Swimsuits with deep necklines will draw the attention upwards and away from the bulge. Do not consider skimpy bikinis.

Now that you have a better idea of what will work with your body type, go ahead and try on a few new styles. Experiment with colour and pattern, as well. And while you are looking don't forget that it is nowhere written that plus size women have to wear dull bathing suits.

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