Promotional Yardsticks - A Winning Trade Show Give Away

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Promotional products are a necessary part of the whole trade show experience. As a participant, you want to excel at building new clients, networking, increasing sales, circulating your brand, and marketing your business. The marketing experts have performed numerous studies time and again proving that promotional gifts enhance these exact tasks. When planning your next trade show experience, you should not be asking yourself, "Am I giving away promotional products at this event?" Rather, you should pose the question, "WHAT promotional items am I giving away for this trade show event?"

While any knowledgeable promotions professional can assist you with the decision making process, choosing an item like promotional yardstick would be wise.

First of all, the implications during the show are enormously wide. This is a larger quality item - one that visually begs for more attention than smaller items like stress balls, key chains, or pens. This item is most likely carried by recipients, rather than stuffed in a bag. Therefore, the yardstick, as well as the advertising you have imprinted on it are standing out more so than other products.

People at trade shows enjoy walking around with this item. It literally functions dually as a walking stick, and weary browsers appreciate the utility of this promotional product. As they traverse the multitude of other vendors at the trade show, it never fails that others notice the yardstick and inquire about where they received this particular item. All ages are fond of this marketing product, from very young children on up through adults, as well as the elderly. When passers-by see others with this item and discover its location, people will make their way to your booth in order to obtain one for themselves. This opens the door to the discussion of your company- your products, your special services, existing discounts, and current sales.

The yardstick is a handy house hold item. It stores comfortably in pantries, kitchens, closets, garages, tool sheds- just about anywhere. And, this wooden item is durable, having the potential to last forever. It is also multi-purpose. Individuals can use it to measure, build, hang pictures, remodel, draw a straight line, and walk with. The public highly regards free items that make their lives a little more interesting.

As far as your marketing plans for the trade show go, the yard stick lends itself to a range of possibilities and relates to just about any profession. Thematically, you can connect this product to any business from construction to education- from banking to communications. Moreover, the creative slogan ideas are endless. Consider the gourmet pizza place that claimed to "take pizza to new heights" at a restaurant show. Similarly, an investment company implemented the message "your wealth is growing" through the use of the yardstick. Likewise, one school district simply imprinted, "Bearcats Rule" for an event. And, at one certain engineering conference, a particular firm customized this gift with the question, "Does your insurance plan measure up?"

As a promotional giveaway in the trade show world, the yardstick is a favorite advertising medium. Any type of businesses can easily use the large imprint area for their marketing.

No trade show event should be complete without the donation of promotional products. These items are a necessary marketing tool. The promotional yardstick has a history of serving as a popular trade show giveaway. Your intentions of attending such events are most likely to help solidify your business' goals. Perhaps you desire to build new clients, succeed at networking, increase your company sales, advertise your brand, and foster loyalty. You are attending to market your work overall. Advertising specialists are aware of the benefits of using promotional products to assist in the accomplishment of such plans.

Consider ordering the promotional yardstick to serve as your next company giveaway. A professional promotional consultant is available to help you with customizing this item with your official company name, web site URL, contact information, or other special message.

Remember that promotional products are the key ingredient to ensuring traffic at your trade show booth. Your time and energy are precious, and you want to be sure you are maximizing every potential reward from this next event that you can. Results of marketing studies demonstrate that using promotional items grants you a major advantage over the competition. Buyers are more likely to visit vendors giving away promotional products than those who do not, and the yardstick is an innovative way to reel them in.

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