Gossip Girl Pictures of Hip Fashion: Get the Look of Your Favorite Gossip Girl

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There is more to the show, Gossip Girl, than gorgeous rich kids, couple switching and all that teenage drama. Aside from its racy and bold depiction of what American teenagers are really like behind closed doors, the show also boasts of its massive Gossip Girl fan sites and huge fan base all over the world. Because of its popularity among its huge market, even fashion moguls have dipped their finger in making this teen-oriented show break new grounds. Now, Gossip Girl is not only a reference about pop culture. It also gives a forecast of the hottest in fashion through Gossip Girl pictures and images we see on the show and portals of the internet.

If you are truly a fan of the show, you must have taken note of how your favorite Gossip Girl don her fashion. To help you get that Gossip Girl glow, here are some tips that you might want to look into to rock Serena, Blair or Jenny's fashion vibe.

Serena van der Woodsen: It's all about the hair.
Being the IT girl in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Serena's fashion is distinctly regal and laid-back at the same time. Her boho-chic look combines vintage and a rock star feel making her the girl of every guy's dream.

To get Serena's look, you must stack up on well-tailored jackets, skinny jeans and accessories. In the show, Serena cannot be caught dead without a cute piece of accessory thrown together with a cute top, tight-fit jeans and boots. Her eclectic mix of feminine fashion has been toned down by the sexiness and masculine appeal of her boots.

When talking about Serena's fashion, it is impossible to look over her beautiful long blonde hair. Her hair has a wild and wavy feel to it that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘crowning glory'. Her porcelain skin doesn't require her to apply a lot of makeup. Instead, put on a neutral lip shade and load on colorless lip gloss to get Serena's shine.

Blair Waldorf: It's all about the head bands and ribbons.
Blair Waldorf's doll appeal is unmistakable. Being a daughter of a fashion designer herself, it is not surprising for her to be so fashion forward and flamboyant in dressing up. Clad in cute and flowy dresses with delicate fabrics, Blair exudes a very strong feminine charm. We usually see Blair in short dresses with powerful prints that hug her petite body. She keeps the accessories to a minimum with her head band being the centerpiece. Her head bands have big ribbons that frame her doll face perfectly. If you are a true blue fan of hers, you'd notice that her head bands match stilettos and pumps, too. Be brave to don her look and come out as the undeniable Queen Bee of your group.

When it comes to makeup, Blair channels all our attention towards her lips by applying plum or red lipstick with lots of lip gloss. She puts on light eye makeup, but applies a lot of mascara and traces her lids with black eyeliner to reinforce the look.

Jenny Humphrey: It's all about the eye makeup.

We have seen Jenny blossom from an awkward young girl to a fashionista the instant she tried to steal the Queen Bee spot from Blair Waldorf. Although she has been a bit unsuccessful in dethroning the brunet, Jenny is still keeping a lot of score because of the experimental and original fashion sense she has developed.

Eyeing a career in the fashion industry at a young age, little Jenny is not new when it comes to hoarding attention because of what she wears. She layers a simple tank top with a cute cropped jacket, a beautiful dress with a coat and accessorizes them with eye-catching pieces like necklaces and chokers. Of course, Jenny surprises everyone with her black eyeliner, full bangs and red lips that really bring out the beautiful contours of her face.

Final Gossip Girl Fashion Advice: Load up on confidence.

Rocking the look you see in Gossip Girl pictures and images will be only seamless when you have confidence to cap things off. Just like Serena, Blair and Jenny, your beauty will only come through when you become true to yourself. Fashion becomes more fun when you get to express who you really are through the clothes you wear. After all, finding your true self is what a real Gossip Girl is all about.

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