The Mormon Cult - Is it True Or is it a Myth? Discover Mormonism Inside

by Alfred Ras - Date: 2010-02-05 - Word Count: 505 Share This!

The Mormons take great offense to being referred to as a cult. Yet that the true meaning of the word cult is a system of religious worship. The question that arises, is the Mormon religion a true cult? The problem is that the Mormons believe that when the word cult is used that it is referred to as a unfavorable religion such as one that is made up of horrid things that are taking place amongst that religion. For the most part but that is the general consensus when people are referring to cults. The Mormons will stand on the fact that no they are not a cult and there is nothing that they teach or do that is unhealthy in any shape or form.

The Mormons do have temples of which is like a Christian church. Their church is called the Church of latter-day Saints and they do believe in carrying out specific ordinances or ceremonies much like many other religions.

One of the interesting points though is that the Mormons have a close similarity to the Freemasons. In some respects in order to protest what they stand on and believe they will go to great lengths to explain why they are not fitting in to the term cult. They will tell you that cult means that devotion is being paid to some individual and they will claim that yes as that part of it, it is in comparison because they believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is an individual but they will go on to talk about how the meaning of cult means that it is a group of people that believe in suicide or chasing the stars or satanic rituals. Most people will admit that this is not something that the Mormons have been accused of.. So therefore this is their stance for not being a cult. So basically what they're doing here is a play of words by taking the attention off of the many fallacies that they do teach and putting the emphasis on the unpleasant terms related to the word cult. It really becomes a mind game to the individual that is listening to this. Automatically the compassion goes to the Mormon knowing that they do not carry out these traits. So the fact of what they really do teach is not being addressed.

It is interesting to note that members of the church will give you several things to question as to whether or if their organization is valid or not. Some examples of this is that they will point out that there are other groups that are different and yet are still accepted by the Christian faith.

They will state the comparison to Christianity today with the Christians of the Bible would be excluded to what is considered now a Christian.

They will challenge whether the definition used by Christians as being a fair definition. These are questions that are raised in order to show that basically what Christians are using as their form of judgment is unfair towards the Mormons themselves.

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