4 Characteristics Of The Most Successful Home Based Business Owners

by Raj J. Shah - Date: 2007-03-19 - Word Count: 359 Share This!

The truth about the home based business industry is scary. It's so simple to grow a huge organization but over 97% of home business owners fail and fail miserably because of lack of information and not due to lack of effort. In this article I will share with you a few characteristics of the most successful home based business owners.

1) They are always willing to learn. Leaders within organizations secretly know that growing colossal sized organizations has nothing to do with duplication, bombarding friends and family, the latest hands off digital marketing system, $7 Opportunity Seeking Leads, or the 3 Foot Rule. One of their dirty secrets is that they have spent some time learning true marketing techniques and principles and continue to do so to pick up new tips and tricks. If you truly want success, always be a student. The most incredibly wealthy people I have ever met will stop and listen if you say "Hey, do you want to learn something I found out?"

2) They always have a big, big reason why they want the success. For some of them it might be for the kids, grandkids, for more free time, travel...whatever but it is always a BURNING DESIRE. Figure out why you are building a home based business and then you must be absolutely passionate for its realization.

3) They are always willing to put forth the necessary effort. Look, leaders in this industry make so much money part-time that they'll probably need the rest of their life to figure out how to spend it but it happens for them because their efforts are focused. If you can't make a focused effort to build your home based business then forget it.

4) They have a mentor. They have a person who shows them how to identify the perfect target market for their product or service. This person also shows them what to say, how to say it and how to show others how to do it. Find someone who can be a mentor to you and show you all the things you're going to need to learn in order to enjoy success with your home based business.

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