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by Stormy Gale - Date: 2006-12-17 - Word Count: 275 Share This!

I discovered years ago, that if you will take the time to search cyberspace, you can find almost anything for free.

I found a nifty little program called gif Construction Set. I was not able to draw a straight line as a child, so I never gave it much thought that I could do anything more on my PC in the realm of art.

i asked around until I found out that I could do the graphics and Gifs and Png's that were floating around the universe.

I downloaded Gift Construction Set, and because I have never been one to read the instructions, I jumped in and started playing.

Soon I found that I could take anything that I drew with the regular Paint.exe that we all have on our PC's and transfer it over to the Construction Set.

I began to play with colors and movement and frames until finally I had created animations.

Before I knew it I had advanced and people were coming to me to design their graphics and make GIFS for them. that was a long time ago, and now I have thousands of my free GIFS floating around. I have made some money at it as well.

I guess I am saying all this to let you know that ANYONE can create anything that your mind can conjure up!

Step out on the water, you will not drown! Take chances!

Most of all, Have FUN!

By the way, I still can't draw a straight line by hand, but the beauty of it all is all these neat little programs. Gee, what could I do with those programs that cost hundreds? Watch out world here I come!

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