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by Rachelle Font - Date: 2007-04-26 - Word Count: 458 Share This!

With the United Kingdom sadly offering less opportunities to better yourself, and with house prices continuously rising faster than the rate of the average wage, more and more people are taking the big plunge to sell up and make a new life abroad. And with the quality of life in popular destinations such as Australia, Canada and Spain so much better than in the UK, not to mention the warmer climate, who can blame them? But what happens when you leave your favourite shops behind? Thankfully, UK Shopping Worldwide has the answer to all your prayers.

Despite the usually higher retail prices than other countries, there's something unique and friendly about shopping on the British high street. Yes, the United States may have their huge shopping malls, and the likes of France and Italy play host to some of the best designer fashions around, but the feeling of a group of friends taking a walk down the street, popping into Marks & Spencers before moving on to Top Shop or Dorothy Perkins takes some beating.

With the amount of British ex-pats still hankering for that experience, UK Shopping Worldwide is a Godsend for those missing this intrinsically British way of life. No matter what country you've moved to, if you're after something specific from your favourite shop back "home" in Britain, then UK Shopping Worldwide probably has the solution for you.

Put together by Rachelle Font, an ex-pat herself who moved to Australia less than a year ago, it's the ideal solution to your problems; a website which offers you a link to UK-based companies who will ship worldwide. Although the website is relatively new and still undergoing its final design, already its clear and well laid out page design makes it easy to find whatever it is you're after.

Click on the Women's Clothing button, for instance, and you'll immediately be shown to shops like Devil Wear, who can provide you with all the latest fashion from Dolce & Gabbana, Miss Sixty or Oakley. Have a look at the Men's section, and you can order from the likes of Bone Clothing, who were voted as one of the Top 100 Men's Suppliers by none other than respected men's magazine FHM.

It's not just clothing that's on offer at UK Shopping Worldwide, either. There are options for:

Music and Film
Kids clothing
Men's underwear
Accessories & gifts
Hair & beauty
Books & magazines

One of the great things about UK Shopping Worldwide is that even though it's a relatively new venture, already there is a wonderful selection of retailers to choose from. As the site finds its feet (and this can even be from user recommendations, such is the open approach to everything), this can only help it become an essential part of the British shopper overseas everyday life.

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