Are You Stuck When You Want To Make Money Online?

by Janie Jenkins - Date: 2007-06-11 - Word Count: 646 Share This!

If you are feeling stuck, maybe you relate to the following story of making money online.

Pamela started getting ready to make money online. She went to seminars that taught how to make money online and learned what she needed to know. She began to follow the steps outlined.

As Pamela followed the steps outlined momentum began to build and it seemed like there was an avalanche of steps to follow! Every time she followed one step, another appeared. Wouldn't she ever make money online while she relaxed at the beach - as hoped?? She began to wonder.

Not only that, her family was having trouble adjusting to the fact that she wasn't home - since there she was, right there! It seems humorous now as I right this.

Pamela had an ingenious moment one day when she finally got to a point of putting up an easel with a big poster board sign that said, "No one is here!" and put it behind her desk chair. It also may have helped her to make money faster online if her office hadn't been right next to the front door, but that's where it was at the time!

Pamela did get off to a slow start since she was very distracted with all the possibilities and choices of things to do with her family. If she did something with her family she was guilty because she needed to be getting her online business up and running. If she worked on her business she was guilty because she should be with her family - which was the reason she wanted to work from home in the first place... She was stuck.

Sound familiar?

Finally, in her studies and explorations, Pamela happened upon a technique to get her mind set so she could stay focused to make money online without the guilt. The exercise was so simple she was able to complete it in a short time after reading how her mind was causing her lack of focus and that feeling of being "stuck."

This "stuck" feeling is the mental version of a similar phenomenon that happens to athletes when they are running or cycling at great speed and then their bodies "hit the wall" as they call it. They can't move their bodies at all when this happens or they can barely move and all momentum is lost at that moment.

The same thing seems to occur when entrepreneurs are determined to create the systems that allow them to make money online. There are so many little miniscule steps to be done that sometimes after staying on top of it all for a while, the mind just refuses to allow more to be done.

If you aren't sure what I mean, it's when you have an opportunity to create a new product that you know would make a difference for people. You've done the research and now it's time to create the smooth flowing system so you can easily deliver the product to people online.

You sit down to your computer to get the process done and you are simply stuck. You just sit there. Your mind is saying. "I don't want to make another sales page. I don't want to create the thank you page. I don't want to do the technical work of setting up the process." This is when you hire someone else to do a lot of the work for you, if you've been able to make money online enough to afford it by this time.

The same exercise Pamela followed to get focused and moving fast forward can work for you. Get on track. You can make money online.

It really is "easy to do" once you know and once you get the mental mindset.

Janie Jenkins is the "Easy To Do" instruction expert. Discover how easy it is to do what seemed like your most complicated ambition.

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