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by Matt Shuebrook - Date: 2006-12-08 - Word Count: 528 Share This!

I was asked this very same question last Monday. This person wanted a way to lose a few pounds in 3 days? They most likely had to attend a family get-together. Like most people they waited till the last week to decide that needed to lose weight.

You might be reading this and thinking "Gee- I would like to be 5 lbs lighter when I visit Aunt Tyra next Thursday."

Do you really want to lose it by Thursday or would you rather keep it off?

You could easily lose weight by Thursday if you fast, drink water and do lots of cardio. However you will find yourself EASILY gaining back every pound you lost + a few extra by early next week (Does this remind you of umm… all the diets that you have ever done?)

If your long term goal is to burn some fat, then you need to take an educated approach. You may want to consider hiring a personal trainer to design a customary fitness and meal plan. Try to avoid any spur of the moment crash diets. They tend to deplete your body of essential nutrients that are SO VITAL for maintaining healthy living.

You want to lose (lets say 20lb) by February 1st.

Let's break it down...

Start your workouts right:

What not to do!

• Instead of doing 20-30 minutes of boring cardio warm up. You know hardly breaking a sweat, spending more time talking or watching the TV in front of the treadmill than actually working.

• Instead of bouncing from the butt machine to an inner thigh machine to a leg curl machine, which will annihilate your butt and hamstrings in a matter of minutes, leaving you to think that you just got a really great fanny-firming workout.

• The truth is that you most likely over trained the back of your legs which will not only lead to latter injuries, but it may not even give you the results you so desire.

What to do!

• Do a DYNAMIC WARM UP. Jump rope, hop scotch, jumping jacks, skipping, basically any other "kids game" you can think of. After properly warming your body up you ready for a safe and sufficient workout.

• Do circuit training; make sure that your circuits are not working the same muscles as we were with the butt, inner thigh, and hamstring machines.

• In other words don't precede a squat with a lunge, instead precede squat with a one-arm row. After doing a pushup you can do a lunge. After working on your 'bye-byes' (triceps), do a plank or other abdominal exercise.

• Instead of finishing your workout with an hour of cardio (urgg do people still think that this will cause fat loss?), do 20-30 minutes of intervals.

Ex: 1 min as fast as you can go followed by a 2 minute slow down period, repeat this cycle 7-12 times.

Combine this with a well though out meal plan and you will be sure to lose some real fat… and keep it off past the weekend. Be sure that your meal plan has at least 30% fat. So if you consume 1500 calories a day, 450 calories should be from fat. I would prefer that for the other 1050 calories, you eat 45% protein and 25% carbohydrates.

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Matt Shuebrook is a certified personal fitness trainer. He specializes is women's weight loss. Matt is also the health and fitness editor for Suavv Magazine.

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