The Secret to Article Success

by Jo Mark - Date: 2007-08-04 - Word Count: 369 Share This!

I am frequently asked what's the one secret to achieving success in marketing articles for income. In a word...Write. In another word...Submit. That's pretty much it. Of course there are some details that you need along the way: a proper Resource Box, a great title, and a few other details. But, for the mot part, you need to write and submit.

On days when I'm very busy, I'll write just one or two articles and I'll submit them to my entire list of article submission sites, about 150. On days when I have more time, I write four to five articles and submit to a list of about forty sites. On my best days, I'll crank out ten or more articles and submit them to my top 10 sites. I'd like to submit them to more sites, but I just don't have the time.

It takes two or three hours to submit an article to my large 150 site list. I can make a submission to my 50 site list in about an hour. And I can submit an article to the short 10 site list in about ten or twelve minutes.

By submitting an article to 50 sites, you can expect to get between 100 and 200 links over a six-month period. I'm quite happy with that. That's one of the reasons that I continue to write articles. The other reason is that I'm rather fond of money. That part's not too bad either.

Most of the time, the people that ask me about the secret of success are what I call casual writers. They've written five or ten articles and submitted each one to one or two sites. They can't believe it but, they didn't make any money and they've seen no increased traffic. In their mind, article marketing doesn't work.

To be really successful writing articles, I'm talking about 6 figure successful, you need to write about 1000 articles per year. That's three a day, every day!

For those of you who are into proverbs, I run my article business according to an old saying: "Work for a while like nobody will, live the rest of your life like nobody can!"
So get to work, write a few articles!

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