10 Ways to Have Less Frizz and More Bounce Form Your Naturally Curly Hair

by Cala Mahoney - Date: 2007-02-02 - Word Count: 248 Share This!

10 ways to manage those unruly curls! Start today!

1. Don't wash every day!

Try conditioning in between washes, you will get more moisture to those naturally dry curls

2. Try a low or no laurel sulfate cleanser.

Cleansers high in Laurel Sulfate are drying to all hair types, and naturally curly hair tends to be more dry than others.

3. Leave in some conditioner.

Rinse your hair in shower but leave some conditioner in. It will give you more moisture.

4. Towel dry with a cotton T-Shirt or a baby diaper or even paper towels.

These items do not have a rough edge and you should squeeze out moisture NOT RUB! You will rough up the cuticle and add frizz if you rub to much.

5. Add a "liquid gel" to moist hair.

Flip your head upside down and apply. You need even distribution of product and by being upside done and scrunching it in helps with this.


Resist touching while drying! The more you touch the more you separate the curls.

7. Use a hood dryer, dry naturally or use a diffuser.

REMEMBER For really curly frizz easy hair NO TOUCHING.

8. When dry, use a cream based shine product to squeeze curl. "Set it Free" from Deva Concepts is a great one! Spray it in your hands, flip over and scrunch. You will get hold, shine and less frizz through out your day.

9. Don't be afraid of product, some need much more than one thinks!


Stop blowdrying the bangs, let it all go natural!

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Cala Sabella Mahoney

Owner/Stylist of Cala ReneeSalon Beverly MA

Cala graduated from Blaine Hair School in 1987. She continued her education with Clairol Colorworks and assisted Color Platform Artist Shirley Sarpi before working at The Perfect Cut, located in Topsfield MA. In 1989 she opened Cala Renee Family Salon in Beverly MA on Cabot St. After celebrating her 15 year anniversary at that location, she relocated her salon to 309 Rantoul St and dropped the word "family" from the salon name. In 2005 Cala was trained in NY for cutting naturally curly hair and has been highly reccomended on naturallycurlyhair.com for years. Cala continues and recommends that her staff continue their education every year through Shows and "in salon" education from Matrix, and Paul Mitchell just to name a few. Cala is a Curly Hair and Color Specialist.

Check out her site to learn more =>http://www.calareneesalon.com

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