Time-tested Strategies You Need to Do When You Fail

by Shawnlim - Date: 2008-07-03 - Word Count: 595 Share This!

You know that you are not going to achieve something in just one shot. Success will never come that easily. In fact, you need to put in a lot of determination and commitment to achieve the amazing results you always desired for. The problem with most people is this; they do not know how to deal with failure. Whenever they did not achieve the results they wanted, they will give up.

This is the first group of people; they give up whenever they did not achieve what they want. So for this group of people, they will never achieve any amazing results in their life. Like I said, success will not come in the first hit. It requires a lot of hard work and effort to make it happened. And if you are in this group, you will never achieve anything you want in your life. You will give up even before you try.

Next, we have people who, once they fail to achieve what they want in their life, they told themselves that it is because they are not hard working enough, it is because they are not taking enough action. So what they do is that they will put in more effort, they will take more action because they thought that they are not putting enough effort into making it happens. Are they going to achieve what they want? Not likely. Why? This is because they are doing the same thing again and again. They are using the same strategy; they are using the same approach just that they are putting more effort and time into it.

Think about it, if you are doing the same thing over and over again, what will you get? The same old results. That is why this group of people rarely will succeed. They are doing the same thing, and they will get back the same results just like before. Einstein once defined crazy as ‘someone who does something in the same old manner, but hope to get different results'. You know that this is not going to work. You need to change your strategy; you need to change your approach and ways of doing things.

So what should you do if you fail? If you are serious in achieving success in your life, the first thing you need to do is don't treat failure as failure. Instead, treat it as a feedback. A feedback is a happening that tells you it is time to change the way you do things. This is how successful people achieve such an amazing result in their life. The moment they received feedback, they did not give up, they review back their strategies, and they come up with new ones to make things happen.

Remember, feedback is a signal that tells you something is not right, and you should change the way you do things. Only by constantly reviewing and changing your strategies for the better, you will achieve the things you want the most in your life. So think about it, actually feedback (failure) is not a bad thing. Why did I say so? It is because only by going through all these feedback, you will find out what works and what don't. It is like pointing you to the right direction, and this is exactly what feedback is all about.

Therefore, if you want to achieve success in your life, you will first go through a lot of feedback. However, don't give up, and don't do things in the same old manner. Instead, try something new that works. This way, success will eventually be yours.

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