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Its common knowledge that blogs can generate traffic for free and can be used to sell products which you have created or are promoting as an affiliate but you may not be aware that you can actually get paid to write content on your blog in the form of product reviews.

If your blog already receives a substantial amount of traffic you can easily increase your income by using a service called Review Me which connects website owners who are looking for more exposure for their product with bloggers who want to earn extra revenue by writing reviews.

It allows website owners to search for blogs that are related to the topic of their product and then offer to pay the blogger to write a detailed review. All you have to do is create a free account and list your blog in a relevant category so that website owners can easily find it.

When an offer is made you are under no obligation to review the product but if you decide to do so you will be paid a fee up front which is usually around $20 to $60 if its your first time. The website owner can then judge how good your review is and give you a rating out of five.

This is very important because website owners will look at your past reviews and rating before they decide to hire you to write a review for their product. So if you have a good rating you will not only attract more offers but you will also command a higher fee because you have shown that you provide a good service (some high traffic blogs charge thousands of dollars for a single review).

When you are reviewing a product its important that you provide a fair and unbiased opinion about it because if you just talk about the good points and create a sales pitch you may lose credibility with readers of your blog. The opposite is also true because if you just criticise a product you will get a bad rating from the website owner (which is why you need to choose which products you review very carefully).

The only problem you may have is that some website owners are only looking at how much traffic a blog receives and what page rank it has in the search engines. This can make it hard to get reviews if you have a new blog and you are not generating much traffic yet. If you are in this situation you may want to write a few reviews for free in order to improve your rating and attract more offers when you start charging.

If you are already using a blog on your website and you are generating traffic on a daily basis you can easily earn some extra cash by writing reviews for various products. As you improve your rating you will attract more offers and earn more cash for each review that you provide.

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