Silver Or Gold Locket, Which Is The Right Choice For You?

by Victoria Pickering - Date: 2010-09-29 - Word Count: 467 Share This!

So, you want to buy a new piece of jewelry, but you are not sure of whether you want a silver locket or a gold locket. The truth is that each one has its selling points. Thankfully the marketplace is saturated with both options. This means that you have a lot of options available to you, but that can be intimidating. You need to determine whether a silver or gold locket is the right choice for you.

Cost is always a factor in your buying decision. The truth is that both a silver locket and a gold locket can cost a bit of money. However, there is also a great deal of price points that those lockets tend to hit. That makes it easier for just about anyone to purchase a locket. Honestly a silver locket is typically more affordable than a gold locket. While silver is very popular its cost is less than gold which can make it a more affordable option. However, some people want a piece that has more value and that is one of the reasons that gold is very popular in terms of a locket choice.

Additionally, when making your buying decision you want to give some thought to what type of look you want your locket to have. A silver locket has a drastically different look than a gold locket would. The truth is that silver is a cool, sleek metal that has become increasingly more popular. Today, much of the costume jewelry that people tend to wear seems to be mostly silver. The silver hue is really quite popular and that might make a silver locket a great choice for you. However, yellow gold has also stood the test of time, and while it is not as popular there is still a large affinity for a traditional gold locket. Think about what type of metal looks good with your skin tone and the general palette of your clothing.

Moreover, you may want to think about durability. Both silver and gold are strong metals, but silver tends to be just a bit more durable than gold. This can be important if you live a lifestyle that puts your jewelry under a lot of wear and tear. If you tend to work in rough conditions a silver locket may be a better choice for you. However, if you are going to be a bit more careful with your new piece of jewelry you may be able to go with a softer gold locket.

The biggest factor in this buying decision is your personal preference. Which type of locket do you like the look of best? Trust your instincts here, because the truth is that if you love the look of a silver locket then you will love wearing it, and that is what matters the most!

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