Tantra, the Serpentine Ascent - Part V

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The Law of the Mount

The Tantric lives on the Mount & fulfills the Law of the Mount. Therefore
comes to him Wisdom, Grace and sovereign power, transcending anything his
uninitiated fellowmen can yet conceive. His standards are high; aesthetic,
moral & ethical. He is there to see that the world does not fall into
greater corruption than its present state.

Initiates are the salt of the earth, the light of the world because without
their leavening presence, the world would sink into greater corruption than
it at present suffers. It is his Wisdom and knowledge which balances the
evil and sin of this world.

His light and life is given to balance here
The dark account of mortal Ignorance !

The Initiate is he in whom a higher law hath been revealed. His aim is the
Absolute Self, which is the Via, the Veritas and the Vita ( The way, the
Truth, the Life ). He has to reduce his Ego and control his desires, lest
the negative aspect in him becomes the dominant player. For erasing the Ego,
he indulges in selfless service. His desires are controlled by an
indomitable Will power.

In the inital stage of Tantra one can feel that some mighty force, not
situated in the body but possessing it, is thinking for him and feeling for
him and that his entire body is moved by that great force and not by
himself. When he progresses in Tantra, he rises in Awareness to the highest
Cosmic level and becomes one with the Universal Consciousness. the popular
world cannot come upto the Law of the Mount, the Mount of higher ethical and
moral values, but then he has to set an example for others to follow. He
becomes a personification of the principle " Example is better than
precept". All the tantric techniques he has undergone had made him the
perfected Initiate, ready to don the garb of the Redeemer. He knows the task
that lies before him is immense, but then he is ready to die for it.

Hard is the World Redeemer's heavy task
The whole world becomes his adversary,
Those whom he came to save are his enemies
Those he would thus save are his adversaries.
This world is in love with its own Ignorance
Its darkness moves away from its Saviour Light I
It gives the cross in payment for the crown !

Despite the immense opposition he faces, he is undaunted.

He still keeps to the high and difficult road
That sole leads to the Eternal's peaks !

He knows that the opposition & the enormous difficulties which he faces are
merely parts of the process and tests of fidelity. He knows the tantric
processes and the great struggle for supremacy between the black & white
opposites of good and evil, light and darkness, prosperity and adversity is
fought out within ourselves. We are the place where the great battle is
fought, where all the worlds meet but then his aim is conquer the negative
aspect with the positive aspect; what is known in Tantra as the conquest of
the lower self by the Higher Self.

This esoteric wisdom should be preserved for the initiated few. He has been
instructed to hide this Science from the unfit, from the profane as this
science can only be taught to worthy men because the misuse of it & the
powers arising from it is conducive to general and personal evil. Tantra
reckons that this wisdom is unfit and dangerous to the ordinary human mind
and liable to perversion and loss of virtue if revealed to vulgar &
unpurified spirits. Hence the ancients veiled this Wisdom with symbolism and
allegory, lest it fall into hands of the immoral. Only the initiated or the
pure can comprehend its subtle mysteries. Therefore Tantric philosophy is
often veiled in symbolism, myth & allegory.

Behind all manifested phenomena is the Unmanifest Self, which is hidden,
hidden and hidden. Worldly intelligence seeks this Sanctuary in vain. All is
undecipherable to the unprepared. He can see nothing, read nothing in its
interior ! Such a knowledge must perforce be occult, because the mysteries
of the Universe are not for the laity. To a mind divinely intoxicated,
Tantra becomes the Voice of the Universe which dicates its furthur thought.
That Point where Truth, Art & Science meet is only accessible to the Tantric
divinely intoxicated mind !

The Sevenfold Mode of Cosmic Existence

Tantra recognises the septenary priciples that pervade the Universe. They

The ancients had called these seven principles the seven colours of the
light of Divine Consciousness, the seven Rays of the Infinite. They
constitute the entire fabric of the Universe, Not only are they one in their
reality but inseparable in the sevenfold variety of their action. The lower
trilogy of Life, Mind and Matter are only instruments of the higher divine
quartenary of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss-Supermind. Mind is merely an
instrumentation of the Supermind, only a subordinate action-power of the

The Higher Trilogy of Being-Knowledge-Bliss is what all heavens and Nature

The Bliss for which the world's derelict sorrows yearn
The Light of the which the world's Ignorance is the shade !

The aim of Tantra is to transcend the gross physical plane and rise to the
realm of Spirit, that of Being-Knowledge-Bliss. Even though external symbols
are used, the path is the way of Intuitive experience. Behind the phenomenal
world is the transcendental Reality which Intuition alone can see. Tantra
becomes the scientia  ultima, the ultimate science which can lead man to
Self- Actualisation. The Lord descending into earthly existence is all this.
All this that is is the Universal Life. Humanity we see is the body of the
Lord. It is He in manifestation. The entire Universe is His play. He did not
create the world, but had become the world, with Matter as the lowest
principle and pure Being as the highest. Tantra recognises this hidden
Being-Knowlege-Bliss at the heart of all things and shows the way to
spiritual salvation.

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