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All to often the magic of a wedding is tainted by the ugly reality of financial concerns. It is said that today's wedding cost an average of thirty thousand dollars. Considering that the average wage of America is between thirty and forty thousand, that white dress and all the associated wedding reception cost can quickly turn a fantasy experience into a nightmare of logistics and dollar signs.

Many brides and grooms suffer what is called "sticker shock" when they begin setting a budget for the wedding. The cost of photography, dresses, flowers and tuxedos will quickly add up and that is not even taking into consideration the wedding reception cost. It can be expensive to get married but there are ways to minimize the expenses while still having the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding planning takes time and effort. Even with a wedding coordinator, the details for a bride can become overwhelming when dealing with the dress alone. Far too often the wedding reception cost takes a huge portion of the allotted budget due to poor wedding planning. In order to avoid this unsavory side dish it is necessary to manage wedding reception cost carefully.

A wedding reception can be what you want it to be. All too often cost can turn a happy day into one of frustration. The key to avoiding this is to stick to your budget and shop around for reception sites and caterers. If the initial costs per guest seem to be too much, there are ways to help reduce the overall expenses. It does require preparation and thought about what you really must have and what you want.

The first step to planning a wedding reception is to get a general idea of the date of the wedding and how many people will attend the wedding and reception. Once a general guest list is attained and the date of the wedding is assigned, it then falls down to a few fundamental choices that must be made. Where will the reception be held? Will the reception be a sit down meal or a finger food event? Will there be available seating for unexpected guests?

Many reception sites offer catering. While the initial cost may be daunting, consider the "extras" that are figured in with the cost per guest. If the wedding reception cost includes servers, tables, chairs and a menu of food choices, it may be well worth going for a package deal. Most packages do not include alcohol so this needs to be factored in as well. For a busy bride, turning over the reigns to a competent staff will save time and money in the long run. Sanity does not come cheaply but it is worth every penny.

If the wedding reception is geared towards a finger food buffet, keep in mind the time of day the wedding is held. Guests typically expect a sit down, full meal reception if the wedding is scheduled between 5:00-8:00 p.m. whereas if the wedding is held during the afternoon, a finger food buffet is a great alternative. The wedding reception cost will decrease significantly if there is no need for wait staff or a kitchen to prepare the meal.

The wedding reception cost does not need to break the bank. It does not need to become a source of fighting among the bridal party and parents regarding cost. There are steps to planning a wedding reception and with a little information, it can go smoothly. The reception can be the finishing touch to the fantasy wedding without costing an arm and a leg.

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