The Movie Hunger - Bobby Sands Part One

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Bobby Sands was born on 9 March 1954 in Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. It was a predominately loyalist area and Sands' family were forced to move due to loyalist intimidation. When he left school, he became an apprentice coach-builder but he was forced out by fellow-workers who were loyalist. In June 1972, the Sands were again forced to move home, they re-located to the newly-built Twinbrook housing development on the fringe of nationalist West Belfast. That same year at the age of eighteen, Bobby joined the Republican movement, in October he was arrested and charged with possession of hand-guns which were discovered in a house in which he was staying. He was incarcerated with political status in Long Kesh prison for the next three years, he spend his time reading widely and learning Irish. On his release in 1976 he re-joined his local unit and resumed an active role in the IRA's campaign. Within six months he was arrested again, there had been a bomb attack on the Balmoral Furniture Company at Dunmurry, followed by a gun battle, Bobby was captured in a car near the scene in which a revolver that had been used in the attack was discovered. He was convicted of possession of fire-arms and sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment. He was again sent to Long Kesh, after internment had been introduced, a series of buildings known from their floor plans as H-blocks had been constructed to make it suitable for housing large numbers of inmates belonging to paramilitary organisations.

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