Dealing With Termites At Home

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Pest control is the management or regulation of pest at home or office. Pest can be of any form like cockroaches, termites, ants, flea, rats, mice, houseflies, bed bugs, and other species that are detrimental to human health as well as the ecology. Eradication of these species becomes a key process in order to ensure healthy life at work and home. There are many pest control companies that offer varied services for dealing with various filth promoting and harmful insects.

Different species react differently to various products and services. Therefore, a thorough investigation is essential to ensure that the right remedy is being used for treatment. Among so many species haunting the homes, the most dangerous and troublesome is the termite. It is really a challenging task to deal with these species as their entry into any home brings complete disaster. Termites feed on wood and when take an entry to any house they gradually start damaging the wooden furniture and other similar goods in the house. It becomes an expensive affair and hence the growth should be curbed at the earliest. It's very important to kill termites before they kill everything.

There are two key methods or treatments to eradicate the problem of termites. The first method is the chemical soil barrier. With the use of this method, soil at the base of the building is treated with a chemical known as termiticide. This restricts the movement of termites from the soil to the timbers of the building. The restricted movement will prevent the species from traveling through the walls and spoiling the wooden furniture of the house or office. The installation of a chemical soil barrier is the work of an expert and professional pest controller.

Another significant method of preventing the growth of termites is the use of termite baits like Sentricon and Exterra. Both these products are essential in regulating the growth of termites. These growth regulators are used to stop the molting process that is required for the termites to grow in the building structure or in any wall cavity.

These days, many do-it-yourself sprays and chemicals are available in the market for dealing with the termites. Some of them are really effective but only if the person doing the job is well aware of the structure of the house, know where the termite stay, and also has an eye to locate the hidden nests of termites. Any medicine or treatment can be effective only if the controller has an in-depth knowledge of the characters of the termite.

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