The Main Idea of the "Swarm" by Bruce Sterling

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Bruce Sterling is one of the famous writers of different science fiction stories, i.e. "Crystal Express". And now it is time to say something about his work - "Swarm". That very part, presented for analysis, gives us the opportunity to see the main theme of the story, and to find the real meaning of the title.
The main idea of the story is life - its beings, looking for something new, thought about universe, fights for better future and so on. Life is a kind of treasure thing, which was given by greatest powers in order to do something useful not just for yourself, but for others. All this we can observe through the actions of Capitan-Doctor, who worked for his government, party and race. It is clear that race plays not the last role in our life, but sometimes, the rules, settled by the leaders are not necessary. As the result, we can see that the actions took place in far future, with new inventions and priorities. But the major morals stay the same. The new information is useless.
But also, comparing present and future, we can observe that the technologies rest same. And the author made Capitan-Doctor choose between his life and his devotions.
The author didn't join either the side of arm race or the side of information. Wars, aggression, and injustice - all this made a terrible impact on life caused by the actions of race leaders. People try to reach their goals by loosing their own priority. They changed their genes in order to become better, but it didn't help. The result was just to transformation into a kind of mechanism of one large machine. And we can observe that Captain - Doctor is a wonderful model for such transformation. His genes were modified, but his wouldn't become better or prettier.
There is a little conclusion that our actions shouldn't be under one's guidelines. We have the right to choose but not to be chosen. And if you accept the second side - you are weak person and this very life you just lose time and occupy one's place. Please, don't waste your time.
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