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by JEN BARNUM - Date: 2010-02-05 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

When your business is online you have to keep working all the time to stay competitive. You have to constantly fight to get noticed and seen and that is not an easy task. When you do advertise online there are a few points that are very important. You need to have content that has a good keyword base. You also need to have the right links such as internal links and authoritative ones too. These are the things that attract those search engine spiders.

What is an authoritative link? Simply put it is a link that connects your site to a site that has content that relates to yours in some way. The site also must have a decent page rank too. Good ones that are easy to find can be websites that are for specific schools, those that are created and run by the government , and the best are usually reference websites that people go to for looking things up.

Linking to these sites is the best way to get your website noticed and to help build up the credibility of your website. One mistake that business owners make is that they believe they must put in as many links as possible to get noticed. This method of achieving attention is not near as effective as linking your website to just one or two really good, authoritative sites.

You can build up your authority successfully by locating sites that have great rank that also has content that has something to do with what your site is all about. You don't want to hook up with something that doesn't make sense and has absolutely nothing to do with what you have going on. It just doesn't work like that.

You can also go on the search for some sites that have either edu or gov in the link. You can find some that relate to what you have on your site. You can easily check if the have good ranking with free tools that do that for you. Generally if you do link up with a website that works as a reference site for people you will be quite happy with how that helps your site.

If you desire to buy text links a tiny bit of research is in order. It is helpful to understand what text link ads can and will accomplish for your company.

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