Dodge Nitro Suv: What's in a Name?

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Nitro, short for nitrous oxide has been continuously used in the movie The Fast and The Furious and you may have seen what it can do. It can rev up a vehicle to an amazingly crazy speed.

The Dodge Nitro SUV that bear the "Nitro" on its name may be a little of a disappointment to car enthusiasts who are expecting for flames shooting out from the tailpipe, massive air scoops on the hood or flanks on the SUV. Add to it the sad fact that its power plant does not inspire drag races. So what's the deal with the Dodge Nitro SUV?

Although it may seemed ironic but the Nitro was used merely to catch the attention of younger buyers and for them to find out that despite the lack of nitrous power the Dodge Nitro SUV is loaded with efficient features that will surely come to appreciate.

The Dodge Nitro SUV is a sensible vehicle that shares styling cues with the smaller Dodge Caliber in terms of chamfered edges along the shoulder lines, a stout, sturdy profile, and a bold Dodge Ram grille.

The Dodge Nitro SUV's styling defies the ultra-square and ultra-round models that have been dominating the compact SUVs. Dodge designers were able to come up with a new look for the Nitro. The blunt rear end of the Nitro is made styled with curves along the top of the roof that highlights the breadth of the vehicle.

The short front and rear overhangs together with its high-belt line, and wheels that pushed to the corners with muscular wheel arches add to the two-ton vehicle's heft. Likewise, the door handles were made large and uniquely shaped to further boost the vehicle's personality. On the front end, rectangular headlamps wrap the corners beneath a clamshell hood bearing strong character lines. Aside from the design, the Nitro is also loaded with attractive add-ons like the Load N' Go sliding cargo floor that can be extended through the rear hatch by 18 inches to ease loading.

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The Nitro was built alongside the Liberty at the Toledo, Ohio assembly line. The Nitro competes with vehicles such as the Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Nissan Xterra, Suzuki Grand Vitara, and Toyota FJ Cruiser.

The Nitro is offered in three trim levels namely the SXT, SLT, and R/T, the Nitro is very affordable with a base price of $19,885 at the entry level and $27,630 for the top-level R/T with 4-wheel-drive. Nitro is offered in rear-drive or all-wheel-drive versions.

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