Dog Doors For Your Home

by Jacob Paciorek - Date: 2006-11-28 - Word Count: 480 Share This!

Anyone with a dog know that getting up countless times a day to let your dog outside can be distracting to say the least. More and more, due to work schedules, there simply isn't anyone at home to let out the family pet. For a moment let's put ourselves in our dog's position. Someone is kind enough to show affection in the morning, maybe a gentle pat on the head and a big bowl of your favorite gruel for breakfast. Of course, this gruel makes a fellow thirsty, so you chase it down with a healthy thirst quenching drink. Following this invigorating, rejuvenating meal, your master lets you outside to walk around….sniff out what happened overnight and then allows you back inside, just before they take off for work. Thirty to forty-five minutes go by and then you realize…..Now it's time to really go outside! We often think about the freedom a dog door provides us. A dog door also provides access and freedom for your pet. You may even find that you have a healthier, happier pet as well. Dogs especially are inquisitive, they really do want to know what is going on outside, who may be in the yard, or just have a need to exercise their extraordinary scent detection abilities to know what is going on at a distance. Dogs have since their ancestral origins patrolled, guarded and warned others of their pack. The dog's master and family is their pack, we often forget to let a dog exercise their innate behavior. Dog doors come in variety of styles from insulated models to automatic and electronic dog doors. In today's marketplace one can most often find a dog door that will fit thin the dog owner's requirements. The area that the dog will have access to is also something to consider. Make sure that your dog is well trained and understands the boundaries of your property. This is done by walking the dog around the perimeter of the yard or area so that there is a familiarization of those boundaries. Acclimating your dog to other dogs is another step that is important in controlling your pet's behavior. The more you can expose your dog to other dogs, the easier it is to predict your pet's actions in chance dog meetings. Remember, a well behaved, well trained dog is a happy safe dog. Dogs are very smart, that is why they make great companions. Tap into that intelligence and interact with your dog in form of obedience and verbal commands. This goes along towards the rewarding relationship that you can cultivate with effort and patience.

Now the stage is set for that dog door you have been waiting for. The freedom a dog door provides along with the comfort of knowing how your pet reacts makes allows you're the peace of mind and your dog the freedom they crave.

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