Beckham a Decoy as the Galaxy Defeats Dallas

by Ally White - Date: 2008-05-21 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

David Beckham definitely wasn't trade into MLS to become just a Southern California soccer player but to show his skills, presence on the soccer field and display his intimidating fame.

The Galaxy devastating win over the FC Dallas at the Pizza Hut Park with a score of 5-1 is not very frequent. Road teams win like that as visitors; visitor teams have succeeded by four goals or more only 25 times in the history of the league or twice or less a year.

However; Beckham was not part of any of the goals on Sunday game; he only managed an assist. But Donovan offered a bit more on the rest. Rarely, that's not how the Galaxy has played before as Donovan or Beckham had put in 11 of 14 goals previous to last Sunday.

Galaxy's manager Ruud Gullit accepted a soft spot in his team's position and snatched his personal strategies. His players played it to perfection, with Beckham wandering smartly about, opening space around him and allowing his side to grasp control prematurely. In 39 minutes the Galaxy managed four goals and to end the massacre Edson Buddle scored the fifth one.

"It was an important game for us, especially after last week, losing at home," Beckham said. "We had organized and prepared all week for this game. We knew how good they were and how they played."

Gullit, clearly not fasten strongly to any single structure; he reintroduced Alvaro Pires, who was injured came back to play in that game as the deep-lying central midfielder. Brandon Mcdonald and Joe Franchino managed their central tasks in front of Pires. Franchino was technically moved to drift left.

Dallas certainly began to play without a strong presence while Gullit assured his side without a true leftsided midfielder. But when Beckham started moving around the field he uncovered big gaps.

"I think it worked very well," Gullit said. "They didn't know what to do with him. To have that possibility for him (to move into other areas) creates real problems."

Moreover; Davino was forced to grab his spot, so he wasn't in a good position while Donovan ablaze from a harsh angle. The attempt ward off the Dallas defender's foot and the consequence was in no way in doubt from that point forward.

Beckham gave one great assist, choosing to cross from an angle where the majority of players would imagine "shoot." His fragile flake felt in great way over a Dallas defender and behind Sala for Buddle, who headed it into the net.

"Everybody, all the time, mentions that only Landon and David can score for us," Gullit said. "This means now that we have various players that can score goals, so that's good." Beckham yet had a little fun with it all, denying that he feels targeted about how the players from Dallas kick him. "People ask me if I've been kicked more since I've been in MLS," he said, smiling. "Well, no I haven't. I've been kicked in La Liga. I've been kicked in the Premiership. You either cry about it or you get on with it. My motto is just to get on with the game."

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