Cure Type 2 Diabetes by Correcting the Cause

by Emily Saar - Date: 2007-08-21 - Word Count: 549 Share This!

Diabetes is one of the biggest money-making diseases on the planet. More than 17 million people in the U.S are currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 2,200 more are diagnosed every day. Twenty years ago, type 2 diabetes was a disease that was often called "Maturity Onset" because it was commonly seen in patients over 50. Today, our children are being diagnosed.

There are two main causes for type 2 diabetes. There is either an inadequate supply of insulin being secreted by beta cells in the pancreas or cells in the body are unable to utilize the insulin that is made (insulin resistance).

With type 2 diabetes comes complications. Blindness, amputations, kidney failure, and heart disease are just a few. Pharmaceutical companies make millions daily from the diabetic population. Doctors make money by prescribing drugs to diabetic patients of which many have side-effects that are worse than the disease itself. Thousands die every year from the complications of diabetes.

Millions of dollars are raised every year for a cure for diabetes. Not for type 2. Type 2 diabetes counts for nearly 95% of all cases. Although type 1 is considered more serious, only about 5% of the diabetes population has type 1 diabetes. Yet there is no cure made available for either one. The public is told that a cure is near, that tests on rats suggest a cure could be available in the next decade or so...but what about now?

What would really happen if a man-made cure was made available to the public? Dialysis clinics and entire wings of hospitals would shut down. Pharmaceutical companies would lose billions. Doctors that "specialize" in the treatment of diabetes would be out of a career. Not to mention the money lost in treating the complications of blindness, heart disease and amputations. There is just too much at stake to offer a cure for something that creates so much revenue through so many avenues.

Kevin Trudeau helped expose our crooked healthcare system and in the face of deadly chemical drugs, reignited our faith in natural cures. Herbs, plants, and seeds that have been a staple for many diets all over the world are now sought out for their healing qualities. Times are changing as people from every nation are turning to alternative medicine and gentle herbal remedies, especially for chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Manufactured in Canada and available to the public since 1998, Eleotin is the natural diabetes cure mentioned in Kevin Trudeau's 'Natural Cures' series, scientifically studied in the book 'Bitter-Sweet Profits', and seen in many others such as 'The Natural Cures for Diabetes'.

Eleotin stimulates and restores the basic health of the pancreas. It increases healthy regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas and increases normal insulin secretion. It corrects the causes of type 2 diabetes.

In the book 'Bitter-Sweet Profits', a study was performed using Eleotin on 80 severe type 2 diabetics during an 8-month test. Results of that study proved that 70% of those test patients had reversed their type 2 diabetes to normal or near-normal levels within that time frame. The Nanjing Diabetes Association in China calls Eleotin "an ideal cure".

Prescription drug control vs. gentle herbal cure.

So, can a natural herbal supplement be the answer for type 2 diabetes? For many Eleotin users that answer is a definite "Yes!"

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Emily Saar is a recovered type 2 diabetic as a result of using Eleotin and the owner of Visit to learn more about Eleotin and the truth about diabetes.

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