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It is publicly acknowledged now that infertility is not a rare phenomenon. It always existed since time immemorial, but was kept under wraps, especially infertility among male gender. Nowadays, couples who decide to become parents visit fertility clinics and consult a fertility doctor, in case they are unable to conceive. They realize that infertility is a physical problem and there are alternative way outs to becoming a parent. Eager to usher a new life in their lives, the couples are ready to take help of innovative methods for conceiving, including IVF. What is IVF? IVF is one of the modern reproduction techniques that can help couples become parents. It is an aided method of reproduction, wherein fertilization is carried out inside a glass (or in vitro). Under the process, the male sperms and the female egg are joined on a laboratory apparatus (plate) and transferred to woman's uterus after fertilization. An experienced fertility doctor suggests IVF to couples with specific infertility issues. For example, the woman may be unable to carry her full term of pregnancy due to physical weakness. It may be because the woman partner is suffering from natural biological incapability to conceive. Or at times the sperm count of the male figure is too low to fertilize female eggs within her body. Couples generally visit infertility clinics upon trying to bear a child for a whole year, at least. How to go for IVF safely? Before you finalize to go for IVF, you must consider certain points in mind to be on the safer side. To begin with, focus on the eligibility criterion for being patients for IVF treatment. - If you are an old woman and your ovaries are failing, you must not go for IVF. - If you are a man with sperm count lower than 3 million motile sperm, you should drop the method. - If you are a woman with damaged uterus, the treatment is not for you. It is not out of place to mention here that sometimes, your fertility doctor might be trying to make money for his/ her fertility clinic by convincing you to go for IVF. So, better not trust the infertility clinics cent percent and definitely go for second opinions.

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