Getting Those Calls Returned: 5 Ways to Avoid Voice Mail Limbo

by Paul Speziale - Date: 2006-12-06 - Word Count: 689 Share This!

First, let's understand why those calls aren't being returned. Consider the person at the other end. They are running around with 30 things they need to do, people constantly interrupting them, and deadlines to meet, which they are late for. And Joe Blow calls them and says, "Hey, wanna buy an alarm system? Call me back okay?". If you were really busy would you call them back? Would you call them back AT ALL with that message knowing it's a sales person?

I'm willing to bet even if the person knows you and is your friend; they still might forget to phone you back. Most people are not organized enough to schedule callings.

If you're in sales or any profession where you have to call people a lot, then you have encountered the voice mail before. So...given all that, it becomes necessary for you to figure out how to get those calls returned, your livelihood depends on it.

Let's examine some tested and proven ways to get those calls returned shall we?

1.Stop selling and keep it short: I've had people leave 2 minute voice mails selling me something. They called maybe 5 times in total...I never phoned them back because I didn't want to listen to how good of a company they were for 2 minutes.

Burn this into your brain: The goal of voice mail is to get them to call you back...period. It's not to close the sale, not to go on and on about your product, it's to get them to pick up the phone and call your number. That's with that as your number 1 rule in voice mail, you can adapt any of these 5 techniques to your business.

2.Don't focus on "ME", focus on "YOU".

No one buys your product or you...they buy a solution to their needs/wants. Listen to your Voice Mail many "I's, We's, and Our's" is there? Unless you are including the prospect in those words, remove as many as you can and replace them with "Your and You's".

3.Use their Name: Everyone feels good when they hear their name. It shows respect. Show them respect in their voice mail, and you will likely hear back from them.

4.Call them off hours: If you have their name and extension, phone them at 6am or 9pm. That way, they will call you back during 9-5pm instead of while you are calling other people...You ever had a call missed from a prospect while you were leaving a voice mail to someone else? It hurts.

5.Be compelling, arouse curiosity: If you sound and say what everyone else is saying/doing, then you will be treated like everyone else...ignored.

6.Bonus: make sure you leave your name and number 2 times and slowly. You should repeat your name and number SLOWLY because the less the other person has to rewind their VM and try to figure out your name and number, the more you will get called back.

So here are some things that have worked for me and for other people in the sales profession:

1.Appeal to curiosity: "Hi (name), this is (your name). I have some questions about (their company, product or service). You can reach me at (your number). That's (your name) at (your number). Thanks."

Make sure you have a few good questions about their company. Lead into your solution as if you were a consultant.

2.Appeal to their ego: "Hi (name), I need your approval on something. You can reach me at (your number). That's (your name) at (your number). Thanks."

3. Appeal to their desire to help: "Hi (name), I need your help with something. You can reach me at (your number). That's (your name) at (your number). Thanks."

4.Tell them a compelling SHORT blurb about how another company had a problem and your company fixed it.

5.Try this one (I haven't tested it yet): "Hi (name), I heard that (their company) is having issues with (a problem). I have an idea for you that will likely help you out. You can reach me at (your number). That's (your name) at (your number). Looking forward to speaking with you later (name)."

Follow those tested strategies and let me know how they work for you.

To your success,

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Paul Speziale is a direct marketing consultant / entrepreneur based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has served all industries from manufacturers to retailers, from entrepreneurs to professionals. Besides helping clients, he is working on his own projects. He also volunteers his time for several worthy causes both local and global. You can reach him at: Growing Your Business Through Low-Risk, Optimized and Results Based Marketing

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