How Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Health Problems

by Kalum Nestor - Date: 2010-10-12 - Word Count: 310 Share This!

Lack of sleep is thought to lead to weight gain, which can result in a number of health complications and sleep disorders. Not receiving enough sleep can result in individuals not having enough energy or motivation, which can reduce the amount of exercise done during the day and lead to weight gain.

Lack of sleep can also lead to other problems, such as stress, anxiety, irritability and even depression. Those who find that they are unable to sleep during the night may be suffering from insomnia. Whilst insomnia itself is not dangerous, individuals may find that they are tired during the day and lack concentration, which can lead to accidents within the workplace.

In addition to obesity, research has also shown that lack of sleep can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It is recommended that adults receive 7 - 8 hours of sleep each night. Receiving this amount of sleep each night will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and focus better during the day.

Individuals who have an unhealthy diet may find that their sleep is affected. Alcohol and caffeine can affect how well you sleep, so cutting these out of your diet will help you to receive the required amount of sleep to keep your lifestyle healthy. Consuming heavy meals before bed can also have an effect on how well you sleep. If you find yourself hungry before bed, then stick to light snacks or foods that are suitable to eat late at night.

Making changes to your diet will not only increase your chances of receiving a good night's sleep but also reduce the risk of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, which if left untreated, can be dangerous. Those who are obese are more susceptible to sleep apnea, so receiving enough sleep during the night is vital in order to reduce the risk of weight gain.

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