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When you have a position in one of the executive jet jobs available with commercial airlines and corporations that own their own aircraft, you may be required to provide the full range of responsibilities of a flight attendant with a little extra. The number of passengers on executive jets is quite small so you can provide the passengers with personalized service. This includes the preparation and serving of gourmet meals and since these are on real plates, you will have to wash the dishes, rather than dispose of them in the trash.

As an executive flight attendant, you will be interacting with the elite of business and government, which means you have a responsibility to protect the privacy of these individuals if they are ones that are often in the public eye. Some of them also conduct business onboard, which is another reason for keeping any confidences you overhear about the business to yourself.

One of the main duties of such a position is the preparation for the flight. This includes knowing who the passengers will be and their likes and dislikes in food. Knowing whether any of them have allergies is essential in the type of food that you choose to serve. You also have to consider the length of the flight and the destination in choosing different amenities to offer the passengers, such as a movie or reading material. You also need to know whether there will be any babies or young children in this party that will need extra attention.

When you research the job market for executive jobs in the aviation field, you should inquire about the qualifications needed to work in this area. Some corporations will train you themselves, while others require that you already have the training as a flight attendant as well as experience working with airlines.  You may be required to pay for your own training, which is a moot point when you know you have a job, but there are companies that will pay for the training.

The jets used by corporations are smaller than regular aircraft. They are very luxurious with leather seats that give the passengers plenty of room and some of them even have sleeping berths. The galley is very similar to a kitchen with plenty of space to move about and lots of cupboard areas. The pay associated with such jobs may be lower or higher than what you receive with a commercial airline. This depends on the number of flights, the location and the time of year. If you work in a large city, you will likely be paid higher than if you work in a smaller location. The more experience you have in this field of work will also give you a higher salary.

You not only need to know the flight regulations and emergency measures to work in this type of job. You will also need training in the preparation and serving of meals as well as how to contact caterers and order the meals. Culinary skills is a requirement for a position as n executive or corporate flight attendant.

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