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Imagine that telephones did not exist at all, and the world of today was the same as it is today, how could we have managed the fact that we need to convey so many important messages in fraction of seconds, conference calls, boardroom meetings, financial transactions, all had to be done by manually going to the particular place and conveying the information by oneself.

Hard to imagine, don't you think? But we still don't take telephones as the kind of invention that they are, and ignore the vital role they play in our lives, so much so that we always want to go for the most stylish one, and not the one that would be the most useful. However, if it comes to the point that we think of a situation when telephones didn't exist from the very start, it would not have been possible at all to reach the present stage of advancement and technology. Telephones today are available in many forms like cordless, fixed, as well as the much in vogue cellular ones. Although mobile phones have become the latest trend, each of these phones has its own set of advantages as well. For instance, in a fixed line phone, you hardly have any problem regarding the battery, something that is of great concern in a mobile phone. Coming to the point of cordless phones, it does give one the freedom to roam around the house freely, and has good connectivity as well; the battery part exists in it, hence making it more similar to the mobile than its actual parent device.

Another advantage of home telephones and cordless is the fact that the radiation factor, that is present in a mobile phone, is not of any relevance in the former, hence making it safer for the user over a prolonged period of time because of the fact that there is not such a mechanism that exists in these phones that allows for the transfer of radiation.

All in all, it is proper to say that telephone have indeed made lives better by providing us with a means to communicate as well as transmit vital information. It is only a matter of choice regarding the form in which you wish to avail this advantage to mankind.

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