Weight Loss Goals With The Master Cleanse Diet

by Gabriel Killian - Date: 2008-05-17 - Word Count: 594 Share This!

The master cleanse diet, commonly reffered to as the lemonade diet or master cleanse fast is a diet which is intended for detoxifying the body. Although this is the primary function of the master cleanse, a by product of the cleanse is extreme weight loss. Many people lose anywhere from 15 to 40 lbs during the 10-20 day cleanse and manage to keep the weight off. So how do they manage their weight loss goals with the master cleanse diet?

The master cleanse is a ten day diet involving a mix containing fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice, cayenne pepper and grade b maple syrup supplemented with herbal teas and a salt water flush. The intent behind the fast is to break the body of its unhealthy cycles and to completely wipe the body clean to start fresh. One of these body cycles is an addiction that many have no clue that they have, which is a "bad food" addiction. Although the cleanse is also recommended for a number of other reasons, this benefit directly relates to losing weight. This is where the focus for the rest of the article will be based upon.

1. First of all, the cleanse is absolutely not intended as a method of losing weight fast for the sole purpose of looking thin for the weekend. If that is the case, please do not read further. The master cleanse is all about resetting the body for the better. This includes your eating habits. The good part is that you will quite possibly lose the urge to eat bad foods immediately after the cleanse. Anything done for the intention of looking good for the moment will always be short lived. The master cleanse is no different, if you want to sustainably lose 40 lbs then it gives you an much easier means, but you absolutely must respect that and respect your body otherwise there is no point.

2. Doing it right will always give you the best results! This is true in many things in life, but is particularly true with the master cleanse. Do the homework, get a guide, ask questions, be the expert! If your health is important to you, its worth the extra research. This isn't a quick fix, its a life decision. The best way to keep the weight off is to learn how to do so properly and yes, it is very possible to do so. So learn as much as you can about the cleanse and how your body will feel before, during and after the cleanse. This will also help you avoid any surprises that may hit you along the way.

3. Do it for the right reasons and know it thoroughly within yourself. Again, we hit the "intent" button, but it is absolutely crucial that when completing the detox diet and keep your weight loss goals with the master cleanse in check. By deciding this is more than just a ten day cleanse and more of a kick-start to a life changing process, you have affirmed the results of what you intend to accomplish. This will make completing the master cleanse lemonade diet much, much easier.

When it comes down to it, it is all a matter of knowing enough and having the will to do so. It's about affirming what you want to accomplish and making direct changes in your life to reflect your decisions. By keeping your weight loss goals in mind with the master cleanse you are one step closer to making a change in your life and losing the weight you've always wanted.

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