Environment, Organic Kids Clothing and Baby Clothing, Why?

by Stephen Morgan - Date: 2008-04-20 - Word Count: 620 Share This!

Organic clothing for babies and kids, just how viable is it for the world in which we live in and why should we bother? Would it have been possible to imagine a world merely ten years ago where it was possible to buy organic baby clothing and children's organic clothing? Why would we appear to be bothered by this at all? The answer to these questions would appear to lie within the psyche of the modern day parent to be.

Ask any young mother (or any mother in fact) what one of the prime motivators is with regards to their newly born offspring and you will find that it is by and large the desire to make sure that their children's clothes are firstly of the best available design and functionality and secondly wherever possible of the most user and environmentally friendly construction.

This latter point is a major selling point in the mindset of today's parent and those manufacturers who ignore it do so at their own peril. The potential loss of such major market could at times be the difference between profit and loss.

So what is that actually happens to make the young commercially avaricious adults of yesterday turn into the environmentally and eco-friendly parent of today.

The answer if the truth be known lies somewhere in the transition that occurs to the adult human within the ninth months (or thereabouts) of pregnancy. It starts probably with the potential "mum to be" in the "nesting" process that occurs fairly early on in the pregnancy and develops from there I guess.

Now before most people start to think that this is some sort of "anti-feminist" or "anti-parent" rant, let me set my position out early on here as being someone who can talk about this from the position of being a father of a nine year old son and someone who has been part of the entire process. It was a process that I dearly loved and probably would repeat at the drop of a hat if possible but sadly that was not to be.

No folks, the transition from self centered adult to caring parent is quite a major transition and is one that is not to be dismissed lightly. One of the major effects of this transition would appear to be the growing awareness of not only ones mortality but also a desire to try and affect in a positive manner the world in which not only we live in but also the one that our children are going to inherit.

Sort of a "to our children's children's children" kind of thing. Enter stage left here the desire to examine sustainability in all of its manifestations. High amongst these is a desire to help shape and develop a world in which materials where possible are grown in an organic manner that is not only beneficial to the environment but also, hey, makes us feel good too not only physically but mentally too.

The entire Organic Movement has moved quite a considerable distance forward from the whole "brown bread and sandals image of the late sixties" and now it seems that Society has at last woken up to the benefits of using organic produce not only as consumer produce to eat but also is now viewing organic produce as viable for the raw materials for what we wear.

Organic kids and baby clothing comes from that very growing movement, it is now possible to buy children's organic clothes quite readily and would appear to be very much a phenomenon that is here to stay. Stephen Morgan writes about a number of family issues and more information on organic clothing for babies can be found at http://www.organicbabywearhouse.com

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