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Vancouver School Board Superintendent Fails to Address Political Psychiatry

The latest post in the Downtown Eastside Enquirer reports that "Chris Kelly, Superintendent of the Vancouver School Board, was asked to resign as a member of the Board of Directors of the United Way of the Lower Mainland." This request was made by a woman who alleges "she became a target of political psychiatry by the Vancouver School Board" after announcing her intent to campaign in an upcoming election about "VSB ‘duplicity' in handling bullying complaints." The women, known as "whistleblower" in previous posts, "has the support of Canadians Opposing Political Psychiatry" in her request.

According to the post, the COPP believes "it is hypocritical for Chris Kelly to be using United Way to promote himself as an individual committed to the larger social good" while not acting on the complaints of "political psychiatry" being practiced by the Vancouver School Board. Kelly himself was not an "instigator of the alleged political psychiatry," but failed to "address evidence of political psychiatry," which eventually resulted in COPP organizing an international boycott of high school diplomas issued by the Vancouver School Board.

Jim Pattison Posed to Take Over Sun-Rype?

According to Tom Sandborn, blogging for the Tyee, Jim Pattison may be the "juice" behind the Sun-Rype fruit company strike in Kelowna. Workers are "fighting to keep the benefits they have. But they fear they are up against more than the tough-bargaining management officially in charge." Many are worried that Pattison is "waiting in the wings" to seize the company. Pattison already owns a third of the shares and "has been making steady purchases of Sun-Rype stock all year.

The Jim Pattison Group is Canada's third largest privately held firm, with assets estimated to be worth nearly $4 billion. A National Post report found that "creeping takeovers were a known weapon in Pattison's arsenal of business strategies." Vancouver-Hastings MLA Shane Simpson, "suspects Pattison's involvement will guarantee a long strike" as hs has a history of "not being involved unless he's in control." The post states that the month old strike has made worker relations "with the current management... increasingly bitter."

Canucks Shootout Record Not So Good

Our Canuck's Fangirl talks about the Canuck's poor shootout record and their recent loss to the Oilers (2-1). After the Oilers scored, Mattias Ohlund evened it up, which served "as the record breaking goal... [and] he is now the Canucks All Time Goal Scorer for Defencemen." But we lost it in the shootout, she writes. "When I saw [Vigneault] used Trevor Linden first, I knew he wasn't going to score and... Linden went for the deke move and wasn't able to get the goal."

The Canucks need to practice shootouts our blogger insists in her post. "Brendan Morrison has already mentioned... how they never practice it." She understands why Vigneault is hesitant, because "shooting at your own goaltender doesn't guarantee that the opposing goalie would be thinking," but players still need to practice moves. On an up note, Kesler finally got his first shootout goal this year.

New Community Centre Opens After 12 Years and $12 Million

Walter Schultz announces in his most recent post the opening of the new "state of the art" Sunser Community Centre in South Vancouver. Taking almost "ten years of grassroots community effort and over two years of construction," the $12 million dollar facility opens its doors to the public today. The centre is over 20% larger than the one it replaced.

The post details the complex, listing among its features a full-sized gymnasium, second-floor viewing gallery, large multipurpose area, aerobics/dance room, arts and crafts room, youth room and two pre-schools. "The new fitness centre faces Main Street and is fully equipped with "top of the line," Life Fitness cardio and strength machines." There is also a new "passive park space" south of the building. It was constructed using "pioneering sustainable design" for over "30 per cent reduction in energy consumption."

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