Chronic Genital Herpes

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There is something you can do for chronic GENITAL HERPES. Although there is no cure for chronic GENITAL HERPES treatment helps ease the symptoms, reduce the length of suffering and prevent recurrent episodes. These treatments are oral antiviral drugs available as a prescription from your doctor.
Clinically tested Acyclovir in oral form is safe ad effective treatment that helps patients with first or recurrent episodes of chronic GENITAL HERPES. If taken with in 24 hours of the first signs of symptoms, it will shorten the course of the first episode. If it is continued 5 times on a daily basis it will limit the severity of recurrences. People who have chronic GENITAL HERPES have very frequent recurrent episodes of the disease and by taking oral Acyclovir twice daily for up to one year at a time will suppress the virus' activity and prevent most recurrences and when taken regularly, the medicine interferes with the ability of the virus to reproduce itself.

Home remedies during the like salt baths, warm shower can relieve symptoms and help relieve pain during an episode of a chronic GENITAL HERPES. Home remedies can be combined with oral antiviral medication especially to reduce the recurrences and the shedding of the virus. Some people with chronic GENITAL HERPES become frustrated knowing the fact that there?s no cure for this viral infection. It may cause embarrassment and emotional distress that may compromise the body?s immune systems. Women with chronic GENITAL HERPES present minimal risk in transmitting the virus to the babies. If the initial outbreak comes on the last trimester of pregnancy, or a recurrent episode is experienced during labor, a cesarean section may be considered to avoid infecting the baby.

Most chronic GENITAL HERPES started out with initial episode which is symptomatic and quite often the worst episode someone will experience. It is due tot the fact the body encounters the virus for the first time and always associated with generalized symptoms including flu-like symptoms such as fever, fatigue, muscle aches and pains. Along with these symptoms comes with sequence of skin lesions from sores, blisters to open wounds. It may also be accompanied by swollen lymph nodes in the groin that are painful when touched. Recurrence of chronic GENITAL HERPES comes with lesser degree of symptoms and fewer lesions than with the initial outbreak. Rarely swollen lymph nodes can occur and the duration of outbreak can be reduced.

Chronic GENITAL HERPES can be managed by taking steps to protect yourself and your partner. Have an open communication and tell your partner about your previous history of genital herpes. Honesty is important in a relationship. Seek treatment soon as you noticed early signs and symptoms of genital herpes. Observe proper hygiene by keep the infected area clean and dry. Avoid sexual contact if there are visible signs of symptoms until the sores are completely healed. See your doctor for diagnosis and have a regular check if you have previous history of genital herpes. You can learn to live normally with your chronic GENITAL HERPES if you have positive mental attitude and patience in treating the virus in your body.

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