Lee Brower Found A Simple Rock -From Which Gratitude Sprung Forth

by Karen Giardunio - Date: 2007-05-24 - Word Count: 622 Share This!

Most of us at one time have adopted something that we carried around with us to signify a special friendship, a valued memory or maybe even just to use as a type of good luck charm. Lee Brower took that initial concept and used a simple rock he found on the street to remind him of all that he had in his life to be grateful for! He says that the idea first hit him during a time of hardship when he was having problems in his family. He decided to us the rock as a reminder of what was right in his life. Every time he reached in his front pocket for change or at night before he went to bed and empted out his pockets he'd see or feel the stone -depending and he would reflect on his many blessings. The idea worked so well for him during that trying time that he decided to keep the rock in his pocket on a permanent basis.

Lee had no idea that such a simple gesture of appreciation would spread throughout the entire globe and wind up putting him on one of the greatest movies on self-advancement ever released! But that is what The Secret is all about in the first place now isn't it? Letting the universe take over and bring to you what it is that you most desire is the fun - and the very joy of it all. There is no need to be in the middle of everything attempting to influence the outcome -just trust that it is already on its way to you - do you remember that being repeated in The Secret several times over quite subtly by various teachers throughout the movie? If you are really in a place of believing that your dreams are being manifested right this very instant-you don't have to wonder if it will ever show up for you now do you? If your not doubting you are expressing faith and that moves mountains whereas doubting leaves only fear and questioning.

Lee was an exciting subject for me to research because prior to my writing this article about him I could only reference his brief contribution to The Secret because I knew nothing else of who he was or what he does for a living. As it turns out this guy has spent over 30 years advising businesses, celebrities, pro athletes, and many other types of peoples and organizations on how to empower their personal and financial assets as well as their other God given talents and attributes to do more for themselves, and their communities. This man is a real contributor and his business credentials are too many to list, as are his academic accomplishments! He is in the Who's Who In The West and in Who's Who Worldwide.

He is an Author of 2 books and it is unreal what else he is involved with and/or attached to on one level or another. Most of us would need to clone ourselves several times over to accomplish what this man as done for himself. To top it all off he is the President and CEO of his own company called Empowered Wealth, LC. I find it refreshing that such a successful individual would lend his thoughts and ideas to us and come across as a very humble and warm regarding human being. Lee is obviously a man of great distinction and sound character. He is the kind of guy anyone could look up to and I now have a new regard for his kindness and his story. He is someone I will now spend more time discovering on a deeper level -as I find him quite fascinating in deed!

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