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by Kevin Hinton - Date: 2007-04-17 - Word Count: 845 Share This!

Personal tuition is much different than that found in the traditional classroom.

I have been exposed to both.

I spent 7 years in university training - sitting in the classroom, attending lectures and reading the required texts - there wasn't much time for personal interaction with the professors.

During my four years of personal training under the guidance of the eminent Naturopath, Kenneth S. Jaffrey, I was introduced to a much different method of learning.

I was given the obligatory reading list of subjects that covered the training of a Naturopath in the science and art of pure naturopathy - but I was also introduced to the dialectical method of thinking and diagnostics.

Some might recognize this method as the 'Socratic' method for determining the answer to questions and problems.

Sometimes, upon arriving at Mr. Jaffrey's cottage on his tropical Island paradise, he would greet me with a flourish, brandishing a letter, recently received from an inquiring client or friend.

He would ask me to read the letter and diagnose its contents.

The purpose of this action, as he was fond of saying, was to determine where my thinking lay.

Once he had determined my level of understanding on a certain topic he was then able to guide and direct me to a deeper understanding of my studies.

To-day I received a letter from a reader, asking to be dropped from further correspondence on matters of natural health.

As I read and quickly re-read the letter, I realized that I was approaching my diagnosis of its contents in much the same manner that Mr. Jaffrey used with myself.

I thought that perhaps I might use this letter as an example of how many people think about and are taught about the rules of health.

Here is the letter:

"I didn't find the newsletter to be what I was looking for. That and your most recent one of "eat only two meals a day and no snacking." I find this most unreasonable as most people say you should have 6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism revved continuously. Plus it's almost impossible to eat just two small meals a day and that's it - I think your body would go into starvation mode from too few calories.

Here is my 'internal rebuttal.'

Unfortunately, many people today are looking for someone to take responsibility for their health - that is the business of 'going to see your health practitioner.'

'Most people say' and 'they say' - is a shoddy and shocking indication of the 'herd mentality.'

Most people are sick - if for no other reason than they have not been introduced to the 'Causes of Health.'

The health educator claims no cure for disease, and in fact, refutes the medical concept of 'disease.'

Instead it exposes open minds to the notion that if there is a cause for 'disease symptoms' then surely there must be a cause for health and happiness.

On that premise we teach the basic laws of health, viz; living foods, the proper use of air, water and sunlight, exercise and rest, mental poise and the proper alignment of the spine.

In regards to diet - yes! the discipline of restricting ones meals to two or a maximum of three per day is almost impossible - for most people.

Most people would rather be pandered and appeased with sloppy habits and be allowed - and even congratulated for eating but one meal per day - albeit that the meal is stretched over 6 sittings.

It takes a long time to digest a meal - approximately 6 hours.

Figure it out - how many digestive cycles can you fit into a 24 hour period - and please take into account the sleep cycle.

No one needs to 'keep their metabolism revved' - it sounds like a race car trying to hit 300 km/hr down the straight.

All matter is in motion - that's a fact Jack!

If this is true, then we don't need to 'do something' to make it go.

Au contraire! - what we need to do is ensure that the ingredients we consume enable the body to perform at its peak.

It's not impossible to eat only 2 meals per day - my wife and I have been living in this manner for 25 years and suffer no 'lack of' or 'deficiency there-of.'

And if you were to read the history of natural health you would find that the idea of 'abstemiousness in matters of diet' is taken for granted and accepted without question.

Starvation! - we don't have starvation in the western world - we have excess and a surfeit of feeding - one has to venture into 3rd world countries to see the signs of true starvation.

And finally, the concept of caloric intake is old hat in the health field.

We are more concerned with the quality of food than the quantity.

If you give your body a plant-based diet of foods grown on nutrient rich soil and you eat these foods during their natural cycles you will provide your body with ALL the necessary ingredients to attain to a high level of health and happiness.

I do hope that Mr. Jaffrey is looking over my shoulder - nodding, and in his own measured style, whispering - 'that'll do me.'

I hope that it does for you also.

All the best in thinking about your health - naturally.

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Kevin Hinton is a renowned Natural Health Educator & Advocator who has assisted a broad range of people to reinvigorate their lives through common-sense Natural Health practices. He is a trusted advisor to many in the corporate world in Australia and North America who recognize the life-improving value of Natural Health habits. His experience in the field reveals that adopting practical Natural Health habits usually helps drive success in other areas of life. Visit Kevin at: http://www.thehealtheducator.com and sign up for a FREE world class newsletter.

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